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    Quote Originally Posted by Butters View Post
    Do you get a "success" message or any any other message on screen after the 100% green bar?
    I tried today using QuickCure3, which seemed flash successfully, showing a USB Mass Storage in Device manager, but no sign of a drive anywhere. Then after a minute or so the USB disconnected and the device shutdown.
    Now, when I try and flash the firmware it resets as before then shows "software missing" on screen until its restarted.. then its back to freezing on the garmin screen.

    I'm fairly sure its a hardware fault.
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    QuickCure3 doesn't always work properly as it's not firmware dependent. It does work for most devices however, but Cure3 firmware always re-enables Mass Storage Mode in devices that cannot boot due to corrupt essential files that cannot load during the boot cycle.

    Re your statement "showing a USB Mass Storage device in Device manager", if you're meaning it's appearing under 'Disk Drives' then it's in MSM but if it's appearing under "GARMIN Devices" in the alphabetic list then it's in preboot. Which is it please? - If it's appearing under 'Disk Drives' but not in File Explorer, check if it's showing in but isn't being allocated a drive letter in Disk Management.

    "... when I try and flash the firmware it resets as before then shows "software missing" on screen until its restarted" That's interesting, but which fw did you flash, was it Cure3 fw or original?

    When an otherwise healthy soft-bricked device shows "System Software Missing" it will have defaulted to preboot and therefore show in Device Manager under "GARMIN Devices" if it's connected to PC before re-started.

    Certainly showing system software missing message can be a sign of a hardware fault however in that case preboot usually isn't available when that message is being displayed but still can be.



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