How to install any Garmin map on Iphone Garmin StreetPilot

Jailbreak isnt needed if you buy the application at Apple store, if you want to use the posted app. your Iphone must be jailbroken
Download the program Garmin StreetPilot (OnBoard):
Garmin-USA_OnBoard_NoMap.ipa (67,8 MB) for Jailbroken phones
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Any map in the Garmin .img format
you will need a gmapsupp.img file and a gmapsupp.unl with a key to unlock your map (if the map is locked). Or
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and no .unl file and will work with maps with FID greater than 2200

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*** unlimited *.img unlocked maps (free name) you can use by create folder name "Map" and trow in it***

Root : /Library/sdcard/Garmin/Map
TTS Voices files US & UK English, Spanish, French & German
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The program iExplorer (download version for Mac or PC here
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]) to replace the file maps of the U.S.
Open iExplorer and turn your pc settings to show hidden files.


Go to the phone disk iPhone - Apps - USA - - storage-usa -. System
and delete existing files there gmapprom.img gmap3d.img, then add your map files. You can also download the JCV file to iPhone - Apps - USA - - storage-usa -. System - JCV

Voice prompts: iPhone - Apps - USA - - storage-usa - Voice
add voice files.


Unlocked map files can be added to the catalog iPhone - Apps-USA - Library - sdcard - MapUnlock


Additional maps can be put into the directory
iPhone - Apps-USA - Library - sdcard - Garmin must be named gmapsupp.img and the map will be used by the application to work


IMG 14812

When you add other voice prompts, a list of changes

IMG 1489

The overall look of the menu

IMG 1492

IMG 1493

Credits ,Source , more infos and screens here
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Western Europe version (version 2.00.20 ).

The file size is very-very BIG (3.4 GB) due to Europe Maps, so I try to modify the IPA and delete the .IMG files and repackage it.

So please find the version 2.00.20 No Maps IPA, 125MB on [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].

password for download: opengarmin[/hide]
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download garmin ipa 2.1 (1.4 gb) [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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I have removed the base map, detail map and timezone map from the above USA-v2.1.07 ipa and rezipped it before uploading the stripped down file to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. Unzip '' (AnonFiles automatically renames uploads) and you will find in the unzipped folder another folder 'USA-v2.1.07-FAULTYCLONES'. In Payload / / storage-usa / .System folder you need to replace those maps, observing the naming convention as follows:
The JCV folder was empty in the original ipa dl, you will have to add the corresponding jcv file if you want junctionview to work for your map. I've left the SID file in its folder, but it's specific to the NA CNNT 2013.10 map and will need to be removed and replaced with the correct file unless you are adding some part of that original map. Once you've added the required files, rezip the contents of the SA-v2.1.07-FAULTYCLONES folder and then rename the extension from .zip to .ipa before installing. As i don't have access to an iphone at present, i'm unable to give any specific advice or workshop any installation problems, sorry.

PS: Install can of course be done without maps and other associated files and they can then be added after if you prefer.

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Make sure that you're using an unlocked map. If yes, there are some Garmin apps that have an additional protection of not allowing unlocked maps to be used. Some allow the workaround of renaming the map as gmap3d.img instead of gmapprom.img and it still works as a routable map. Some of the newer garmin apps do not allow that either. Then you could try replacing the executable with this one from the US app [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Unzip and put into the folder.

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Here are a few modified plist files for Garmin USA that enable additional features. To use, copy them over to the folder.

The modified settings_navigation.plist enables the Route Simulator option in navigation settings.
The modified TargetConfig.plist enables map switch (allowing individual maps to be turned on and off), current street name display at the bottom and current lane guidance.

After copying the files check the permissions and ownership settings and correct them if necessary.

Edit: Had made a mistake in the current lane guidance entry. Have re-uploaded the corrected files. Those who wish to modify their plist, you can use ifile or a plist editor on PC/Mac to change the entry in TargetConfig.plist of current_lane_guidance_display to current_lane_guidance_enable...................................
The navigation settings menu is sourced from settings_navigation_no_multimodal.plist instead of settings_navigation.plist for Garmin USA 2.2
Here's the modified plist with Route Simulator [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] (as usual, unzip and paste in folder)
In all garmin apps, even without the menu setting, one can always turn gps_simulator on or off using ifile property list viewer on settings_defaults.plist
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Tip for those who cannot edit the plist-files.[hide] Copy them using iFunbox to your PC. Edit them on the PC (using notepad or plist editor) and copy them back to the iPhone. I never worried about permissions or whatsoever and the modifications work fine. Only thing is to force the Garmin to close (doubleclick home buton and keep icon pushed until x appears to close). [/hide]After restarting the App the modifications are effective.

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if you found some problem about setting permission, please try[hide] iTools.
it can install applications (and copy image file to iDevice)[/hide] without setting permission.
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Forgive me if I'm speaking the obvious, but I should preface what I'm about to say by stating that these instructions are meant for users who choose to run a non-legit version of the Garmin app, since if you bought the app through legitimate means, Garmin/Traffic/Weather would/should already be working by default without the need to hack /etc/hosts or install a firewall app.

OK I think I finally figured out how to get Google/Weather/Traffic to work; the following tutorial assumes you know how to edit files, copy them to your iPhone, and setting file permissions/ownership, using appropriate tools at your disposal. This tutorial is not going to show you how to use iFile or iExplorer, or how to jailbreak an iPhone--look elsewhere if you need help on those things.

If you're ready to have at it, then please perform the following in the exact order listed:

0) Make sure your iPhone is connected to the internet (either via Wifi or Cellular) before continuing

1) Install Garmin StreetPilot app version 2.2--not 2.0 or older, and not 2.3 or newer; please don't ask me where to download 2.2. Once you've installed Garmin 2.2 to your iPhone, it is important that you do not start up the app just yet!

2) Using iFile or other file editor, edit the /etc/hosts file and add only the following entry:

Do not add a line in /etc/hosts that contains (get rid of it if already exists in your /etc/hosts file). If you're uncomfortable with messing with the /etc/hosts file, you can always install a firewall app from Cydia (Firewall IP is a good one to use) and follow the instructions for that app on how to block (but not

Your /etc/hosts file should eventually look something like this (note the existence of the line but no other * lines, and you can ignore those other *.com entries as they are not important/relevant to this tutorial):

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3) If the 2.2 IPA you installed didn't come with any maps, make sure you install at a minimum gmapbmap.img and gmaptz.img; you can also go ahead and install your desired gmapprom.img map file and any other map files (e.g., gmap3d.img for 3D Buildings and Landmarks, gmapdem.img for Panorama View 3D, JCV files for PhotoReal Junction View, and SID files for InstaSearch and Safety Camera data--these are needed or else your Address/Contact searches will take a lot longer to return results) at this time. Instructions on where to download the map files, how to install them on your iPhone, and what directories the map, JCV, and SID files need to be placed in can be found elsewhere in this forum.

4) Download and copy over to your iPhone the following plist files:

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

These four plist files need to be copied into /private/var/mobile/Applications/****/garmin-nav/; you may want to make a backup of the original plist files before copying these ones over, just to be safe. I used WinSCP to copy the modified plist files from my PC to my iPhone but you are more than welcome to use whatever tool fits the bill here.

Upon copying these four plist files to your iPhone, make sure the permissions of each of them are set to:


Make sure the ownership of these four files are set to:


Instructions for changing/verifying file permissions and ownership can be found elsewhere in this thread.

Note--if before having read these instructions you had downloaded these files in the past, please redownload them--turns out I uploaded older revisions of my plist files...sorry about that!!!

5) Once you've completed steps 0-4, now you can start up the Garmin app; acknowledge the Warning messages and allow Location Services when prompted. Make sure that the Location Services icon appears at the top of the iPhone screen--by waiting for it to appear, you will at least give the Garmin app enough time to generate the files that you will need to delete later on in this tutorial--LOL.

6) Once step 5 is completed, exit out of the app; make sure you completely kill it--double tap on the iPhone Home button and kill it from the background task list.

Once you've completed steps 0-6 above, then proceed to deleting the following files--again, I used WinSCP but you can use whatever works for you. Also--you may want to refresh the directory listing just in case they don't show up right away when you go into the directories listed below:

7) Delete all of the Cache.db* files in /private/var/mobile/Applications/****/Library/Caches/com.garmin.onboard.***/

8) Delete all of the shaders.* files in /private/var/mobile/Applications/****/Library/Caches/com.garmin.onboard.***/

9) Delete all of the GARMIN* files in /private/var/mobile/Applications/****/Library/persist/Garmin/nonvol/

10) Delete the com.garmin.onboard.***.plist file in /private/var/mobile/Applications/****/Library/Preferences/

11) Delete all of the *.db files in /private/var/mobile/Applications/****/Library/sdcard/.System/SQLite/

You may want to refresh the directory listing after each of the steps in 7-11 to make sure that the files did indeed get deleted.

If you didn't find any files to delete in any of the steps in 7-11 above, then you either didn't refresh the directory listing like I suggested, missed a step in 1-6 above, and/or followed the instructions out of order--if so, then delete the Garmin app and start all over from the beginning.

Make sure that the files you deleted in steps 7-11 are actually indeed deleted! Once you've made sure of this, then go ahead and start up the Garmin app again; acknowledge the Warning messages again, wait for the Location Services icon to appear at the top, then go ahead and check to see if Google/Traffic/Weather work.

Again, it goes without saying--you need an internet connection in order for Google/Traffic/Weather to work correctly, whether it be over Wifi or cellular. No internet connection = No worky Google/Traffic/Weather.

I personally made sure that following all of the above steps in the exact order listed will result in a working Google/Traffic/Weather, with the only possible caveat being that I'm using Garmin USA 2.2 app on an iPhone while in the USA.

Hope this finally ends the puzzle on how to get everything to work in 2.2 once and for all!

P.S.: In order to receive live data of traffic congestion areas (where offered), you will need to install the free trafficTrends in-app option in the Extras menu; if you don't, then don't be surprised if, when you tap Traffic -> Traffic Search, it says "No traffic incidents found"...
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For enable the Panorama View 3D

Put the gmapdem in library/sdcard/garmin

Permission mobile mobile user: read write execute; group: read, execute ; Global: Read, execute

See also:
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