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    First, thanks for clear instructions, I finally updated my 278.
    I'd also update the basemap but without success, I probably mistake rng (3 does not work).
    Did anyone find a solution?

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    Region 3 is partly protected in the older non-MSM devices such as your GPSMAP 278 and Garmin claims that the OEM regional basemap can't be replaced. That's not completely true, it simply can't be overwritten like the detail maps in region 49 [gmapprom.img] and region 10 [gmapsupp.img] can be replaced using the usual methods. It's a little more complex to do but it can be done. Read: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. Keep in mind that ALL 3 regional basemaps [Americas, Atlantic and Pacific] will still work in other parts of the world. That's because they contain more detailed road data in the specific countries they're meant for, but they still also contain basic data for the rest of the world. If you're wanting to add a modern 'all-world' basemap meant for more modern devices you may find that rgn3 of your device doesn't have sufficient space. To see the size of the region you'll need to dump it using GPSDaemon, that will also give you a copy of the present basemap. Read P4 in full: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. Your device may only have ~16MB for basemap storage like the related SP 26x0 and 27x0 series mentioned there. It may be possible to add a non-DEM (Digital Elevation Mode)) world basemap, but the modern DEM ones are too big. Stripping out the DEM may reduce the size sufficiently and your device can't use DEM anyway I think. Best to post in the other threads if you need more info or help as it's more on-topic there for basemaps.

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    help gmapsupp.img upload to a 376C...

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc_Koordinate View Post
    this procedure has been mentioned before at some places but was very hard to find for me.
    Also some parameters have obviously changed with the current version of Webupdater 2.5.4
    so I want to post it again.
    With my GPSmap 278 I got it working like this after some struggling:
    Preparations: have Mapsource and Webupdater installed and battery of the Garmin fully charged
    1. use Mapsource (or Mapinstall) to create a gmapsupp.img file from the desired map to any SD card or USB stick (pay attention to maximum allowed file size for internal maps on your Garmin - for the 278 the limit seems to be ~1.75GB)
    2. rename the gmapsupp.img to gmapprom.img and move it to a folder on your HD e.g. C:\newmap\
    3. unlock this file if necessary
    4. for cosmetical purposes use gmaptool to write a proper header to the file (e.g. 'CN Northamerica 2013.10')
    5. check out the location of webupdater.exe (e.g. C:\Garmin\webupdater\webupdater.exe)
    6. within the folder with the gmapprom.img create a text file with following content:
    <path to webupdater.exe> /i /autorun usb /upload_file rgn=49 path=<path to gmapprom.img>
    save the text file as sendmap.bat and close it
    C:\Garmin\Webupdater\webupdater.exe /i /autorun usb /upload_file rgn=49 path=C:\newmap\gmapprom.img
    7. power up your Garmin and connect it to the PC, when done doubleclick sendmap.bat to start the upload

    *** for unknown reasons the upload (I experienced this with data cards as well) may break down in various stages ('Communication Error') - no problem: start again at 7. - sooner or later the upload will be succesfully finished. Nevertheless it's all your own risk ***
    good luck
    First post...

    Came across this forum as I'm trying to upload a gmapsupp.img file that I have onto my Garmin 376C

    Found the above which I see is from a few years back but can anyone with knowledge on doing this confirm that these instructions are the same doing so with my 376C...?

    I'm not overly tech savvy but can follow instructions well and tend to get things to work but I am having a heck of a time trying to do this

    Thanks for any help...


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