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    Default Activators will not patch Navigator

    Quote Originally Posted by pe1agp View Post
    Try another Activator_2019
    Looks great, but still won't recognize anything installed.


    For those lacking TTGO.BIF file !

    Open TomTom Home, Help, System Information. Copy this to Clipboard.

    Look for "ttgo.bif file contents:" Copy this all section out, take idents, and paste it into the root of SD Card/ TomTom device file named... wait for it... ttgo.bif.

    Both Activators recognize the SD Card now... will update once I drive home...


    No luck...

    Both Activators, Fast Activator, TTActivator, work and recognize the card. They claim to activate all but fail to patch Navigator saying probably already patched. All maps hence fail to load and nothing can be done.
    TTActivator really works great, a much better way to download maps than the usual file share sites.

    What next ? Any ideas ?


    Looking for info in: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Notice current UniqueId as a space in it... correcting... This is also another way to build ttgo.bif.


    Either copying ttgo.bif from TomTom Home, Help, System Information, or from the process in the link above, removing the empty space, works. Both Activators do the right thing.

    My issue is that somewhere, somehow, during the last device update, Tom Tom "pushed" ttsystem (and PND Navigator ?) into the device flash, this is why Activators could/ would not patch and activation rendered useless. Using the ttsystem and PNDNavigator from above link and copying them into my SDCard solved the issue. Downside is that there is a small delay starting the GPS as probably this files are being called to be used depracating the existing ones in flash.
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