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    help Advise on best Map apk for my car radio system

    Hello, I have a Parrot Asteroid with android 2.3 and very minimal memory. Wondering what would be the best app to use with this system? It had a Parrot version of IGO which I have removed and rooted the machine now since they stopped providing updates to it. It was an ok app, but missing a lot of addresses since it was 2013 Canadian map.

    I did try IGO again, but not having any luck with adding all the right files I think..

    So would like something easy to update maps and easy to find an address. I hated igo when it did not have the address, so used my phone to get there and then Igo had the address on the map once I was there.

    So any advice and point me in the right direction would be much appreciated folks


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    My advice is try all the apk the choose the one you prefer most. Personnally I use iGO with here maps for Canada. With latest version you can even see stop signs and red lights. It's easy to find here. You can even use it in your phone



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