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I have not attempted RMPrep because the device does not show in disk management - a requirement for RMPrep to work, yes?
Yes. However we may be able to format using SD card depending on the exact outcome of that failed last attempt.

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I think it is time to take your wife's advice here and take it to the dump to be recycled.
What's the fun in that. I've still got some things to try depending on what's in Update.log! That was a test as much as an attempted fix which i had him do with the SD text commands.

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Yes i'm sure he knows that. Plus if he could be bothered stripping it he might get the money back selling the parts.

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It's dead, Jim.
Probably it is mate, but i'd still like to know what's in update.log and also whether it was able to dump a ~4MB copy of region 41 as 41.bin in the card's root?.

........... All this learning should prepare me for any future mishaps
Yes that's the point, and that's the same whether we succeed or fail. The learning! Not just you but me also .... and the many unknown readers who don't comment but DO learn from this too. That's the essence of a public forum such as this .... co-operation and shared learning.

Have a great day (appreciate your efforts!)
You have a great day too. Please at least let me know what i've underlined above, even if you don't wish to try any further fixes. That way i can add to my experience otherwise i'll get nothing out of this because so far i haven't actually increased my knowledge. You see your 1490's problem is not typical of a soft-bricked device but neither is it clearly hard-bricked for sure.