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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    Nothing magical at all about that fw Mate. It's the .rgn file of Garmin's V5.40 for 760. I'm just downloaded the .gcd file from Perry and converted it to .rgn, the hashes match. Maybe you were just using the wrong fw before. Which one did you make the cure fw from, the gupdate.gcd from a unit backup, the 075401000540.rgn from Garmin or from some other file?
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    EDIT: I just had a close look at your Garmin folder Screenshot. You have a gupdate.gcd file in there which must have been downloaded with WebUpdater or GarminExpress, it's the same size as the v5.40 gcd file i downloaded, 8843 KB.

    I got gupdate.gcd from nuvi760_490.exe that was from another forum link that showed various Garmin device files. It instructed me not to run the exe but to use Winrar and extract gupdate.gcd (which I did). I used that gupdate.gcd for CURE. However, using that file for ORIGINAL after running RMPREPUSB, didn't work for me...so, I then tried the rgn I sent in last post (which Garmin sent me). At that point, I got menus back and ran Webupdater....Hope this makes sense.

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    Garmin/GPS Systems GMod. Nuvi 760 needs help!
    Nuvi 760 needs help!Nuvi 760 needs help!Nuvi 760 needs help!Nuvi 760 needs help!Nuvi 760 needs help!Nuvi 760 needs help!Nuvi 760 needs help!
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    Yes, that does make sense, in that you've downloaded the V4.90 fw [as nuvi_760_490.exe] from the perry site, and extracted it to obtain the gupdate.gcd from nuvi7xx>Garmin folder, then used that v4.90 .gcd to make the cure. But that wasn't my point. The gupdate.gcd for 4.90 is 8,835 KB, you have v5.40 .gcd showing in your nuvi [it's 8,843 KB], yet you say you used the v5.40 .rgn file from Garmin to load the original fw, and therefore there shouldn't be any gupdate.gcd file in your nuvi, unless you dl'ed that with WebUpdater. Probably you checked the 'Reinstall the same Version' option when prompted by WU. Anyway, your nuvi's fixed and to quote the Bard 'All's well that end's well', it's just that v4.90 as original should have worked 'cos you made the cure3 fw from it.
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