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    i cant install mapsource can someone help me it says that i dont have previous version

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    Either extract the MapSource_6xxx.exe and install with "MSMAIN.msi" or use the registry file to import MapSource settings in Windows registry.
    The exe-file can be extracted with tools like WinRAR|WinZIP|7-zip etc.

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    Default Garmin Mobile XT on a Nokia N86

    I know this has most probably been asked a thousand times before but how to put custom poi,s in and make them work in this phone. I've got them in my nuvi 255. they loaded in with poi loader without a problem (a bit of stuffing around with the vioce alerts) the version I'm running is 5.00.50s60.9.

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    I've just bought a Garmin Astro 220 for my father.
    Is anyone know if there's a way to change default language (set to English).

    There's no possibility to modify it from System Menu.

    I've donwload and extract the last firmware from Garmin and extract the RGN file.

    I can see with glang.exe tool that's there is only three languages.

    C:\Temp>glang.exe Update.RGN

    GLang v0.1 for GPSMAP 60/76 CSx/Cx and eTrex Vista/Legend/Venture Cx

    Input file: Update.RGN

    fl Address Data Language January
    07 193077: 30 C5 19 0C English JAN
    07 19CC6F: 28 61 1A 0C Norsk JAN
    07 1A643F: F8 F8 1A 0C Svenska JAN

    I have two questions :
    --> Is it possible to add language ?
    --> Can I switch from Englisth to Norsk for example ?

    Thanks for your help

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    Arrow RE: Astro unit - language settings


    Extract from the Astro manual - Try the "Text Language" setting:
    Customizing Your Device

    System Settings
    From the main menu, select Advanced > Settings > System.
    Normal—GPS is on.
    Battery Saver—see page 60.
    GPS Off
    Demo Mode—GPS is off.

    WAAS/EGNOS—enables Wide
    Area Augmentation System
    (WAAS) in the USA, or European
    Geostationary Navigation Overlay
    Service (EGNOS).

    Battery Type—allows you to select
    the type of battery you are using.

    Text Language—sets the text
    language on the device.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ballebar View Post

    Extract from the Astro manual - Try the "Text Language" setting:
    First, thanks you very much Ballebar for your response.

    I don't have the unit over hand but I'll try this week end and tell you the issue.

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    Default Sorry but

    Hello Ballebar,
    I am sorry to inform you that in the system menu that you spoke, the only possible choice is English.
    I can't choose any other language

    If you've got any idea, you're welcome !

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    sorry, double post. please delete

    I installed the thailand v10.1 on my gpsmap60csx ok
    but the mapsource version does not work for me.
    I am using mapsource 6.13.7. I tried the latest version, no use so I went back to 6.13.7
    Which folder should I put the map into?
    which folder should mapsource and the unlock wizard be in?
    does it matter?
    I used jetmouse
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    Important User Post here please your help request regarding Garmin
    Post here please your help request regarding GarminPost here please your help request regarding GarminPost here please your help request regarding GarminPost here please your help request regarding GarminPost here please your help request regarding GarminPost here please your help request regarding GarminPost here please your help request regarding Garmin
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    read some tutorials here
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    in particular
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

    Galaxy S5 Kitkat 4.4.2 / Nuvi1200->1250 / Nuvi3790T->34xx / Nuvi 2200 / Nuvi 66 / Oregon 600

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    Default Corrupt version of Vista and question about reinstalling my maps

    Hi, I had a trojan that damaged a lot of my files. I have eradicated the trojan and reloaded Vista. For whatever reason the files that I saved will not reload and this includes my original version of the patched mapsource and a bunch of my maps.

    I have a Garmin GPSmap 276c with the proprietary card and was using City Navigator CNNANT 2010.1 & 2008 Topo USA and City Navigator CNNANT 2011.1, These versions of mapsource are essential for my uses as I share maps with friends using the same gps unit and maps.

    Since I loaded these maps months ago I am having a hard time learning how to reinstall them.

    At this point I have the following:

    Patched version of Mapsource which opens and operates (sans specific maps)
    Jetmouse key generator
    Mapinstall Version V3.14.2PE

    What else do I need? and is there a detailed tutorial on how to load to Mapsource? Since my unit does not have an SD card and does have the Garmin proprietary card I know that I have to install the maps to Mapsource and then upload them to the unit but cannot remember which tutorial to use.

    Can someone help please?




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