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    Well with everything that has been tried a couple of times.
    Time to say the unit is past any manual recovery.
    It would be up to users now to maybe buy a new SmartDrive or a used one if it is really needed at this point.
    The cost of getting the SmartDrive 50 repaired would be to high as opposed to buying a new unit.

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    Hallo all of you,
    Sorry i din't react these passed days but i had some other activitys to do and also i tried several other thinks concerning the DS. Here are my conclusions. I googled a lot also and i found some related issues conserning problems encountered on some flash drives etc... . First of all i took a backup of the device by means of GE. Next i booted my computer winth AIOMEI partition master. There i could see the device. I tried to format the device. After i got the error code 6 what means: "The partition label could not be formatted because it is locked by an other programme. Close that other programme and retry". Also i tried to wipe the partition ,with no succes. All of the data still remailns on the device. Than i found Acronis true would be a stronger programme to deal with such issues. I have the bootable disk and did the same. There is no possibility to format nor delete or wipe the partion. This means and of life of the device and also end of story.
    I would thank everybody who spend time to think about my problem and trying to help.
    Again thanks a lot and try to stay healthy in these deays.
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