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    GPSPower Helper Nuvi 2689 - defective screen
    Nuvi 2689 - defective screen

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    Default Nuvi 2689 - defective screen

    The screen on my 2689 shows no sign of life, completely blank. GPS works, is recognized by usb and responds to voice command.
    The problem came when I changed the battery. Apparently cables and connectors are perfect. The apparent solution is to switch to another new screen.
    But could it be some other problem, for example on some motherboard chip?
    Unfortunately I have no other screen to test, if I buy another I will be risking..
    I accept suggestions, any eventual test..
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    Hi Angelo. Do you remember some years ago before we knew about PCB P/N compatibility for cross-flashing and you wanted to try converting a nuvi 40 to a nuvi 2xxx of some kind? I had both those devices and opened them to find they had completely different PCBs. When i opened them i disconnected the screens to make it easier for photographing. Then when i reconnected the nuvi 40 it first showed nothing, completely blank screen. I tried again and got a white screen and on the third try after cleaning the connections with electrical contact cleaner the screen came to life and i still have that 40, now converted to 42 and it still works fine.

    So even if you didn't disconnect the screen to change the battery, you may have disturbed it's connection a little. Try to re-do it a couple of times and also clean the connections if you haven't already done that. Good luck.



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