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    GPSPower Helper Retrieving a GPS with bootloader 10100 or 10102
    Retrieving a GPS with bootloader 10100 or 10102
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    Guide Retrieving a GPS with bootloader 10100 or 10102

    Retrieving a GPS with bootloader 10100 or 10102

    In these devices ever try to change or Bootloader or NavCore; but if you are here is because you've done something like this ... well read carefully.

    Only for devices that have Bootloader 10100 or 10102 and no recovery solution.

    This system works perfectly and is the solution to devices with bootloader 10100, or 10102 who have done something wrong and no longer start, or have continuous restarts.

    Underneath all this manual are the links to the files of the program also low-level format.

    Much eye unit Marçais !!!!

    Come up with a small low-level program manually, you must choose your unit well, since here no return through which this program is no longer possible data recovery.


    Now it takes patience because it takes quite put half a gig about 20 minutes.

    Now turn off the gps without disconnecting from the computer and turn on at any time you can disconnect the computer.

    We put up our gps unit, right-click -> explore, we will say that we format will not formatted in fat 32.

    Open the tomtomhome and let you update the application and satellites (only that nothing else) once installed we remove the home (no matter tell us something we remove it)

    Copy and paste the file pndnavigator replacing it has,
    We turned disconnect and turn on, no maps.
    We can now go to put maps, radar and others.

    Tools required:
    Low-level format portable version

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    pw: Mazul

    PNDNavigator.rar 8041
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Or (one of two on that you may need only)

    PNDNavigator.rar 8042
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    1º- Connect the tomtom with computer
    2º- Run the LOW LEVEL FORMAT HARD DISC program
    3º- reformat
    4º-When this finished in low level format you turn off the tomtom (NOT DISCONNECT the tomtom COMPUTER)
    5º-You turn on the tomtom - tells you NOT have format.
    6º- asks you if you want to give the format YES / NO you say YES and reformat to FAT32 (Major in FAT32)
    7º- Ejecutas install TomTom HOME and giving you. (Application, Voices and QuickGPSFix)
    8º- After upgrading to close the HOME HOME (Important CLOSE HOME)
    9º- You open My Computer and enter the letter of the tomtom and Borras the PNDnavigator file
    10º-Unzip the PNDnavigator the letter of your tomtom.
    11º-You turn off the tomtom and disconnect the computer.
    12º- You turn it on and tell you that there are no maps.
    13º- Once done all that we have ready to put tomtom maps and radar.

    Thanks to the manual Raskitu
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