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    Guide How to Officially install Truck Navcore on Go 720, 730, 920, 930 via Home

    If you have a Tomtom Go 720, 730, 920, and/or 930 you may be pleased to know that you can have Tomtom home install the correct Truck Navcore Via Home. Your device does not need to already have the truck Navcore or map installed.

    Steps: (this assumes you have already installed Tomtom Home, and your device can be seen by Home when it is plugged into the computer)
    1. In windows, find the location where Home stores all of it's device backups and downloads, typically located in My Documents, in a folder named Tomtom, and folder within the aforementioned folder Home.
    2. Terminate Tomtom Home if it is currently running in the notification bar.
    3. Move contents of the Home folder found in step 1 to a folder elsewhere (make a folder on your desktop and paste the files inside that folder)
    4. turn off and remove the sdcard from your GO (if you have one installed)
    5. Depress and release the reset button located on the bottom of the go with a suitable item (bent paper clip is most popular method)
    6. Connect your Go to the USB cable and connect it all to the computer.
    7. power on your Go, if prompted to connect to the computer, chose to connect to the computer.
    8. Backup the entire contents of your Go, (information on how to do this is everywhere on the forum and I am trying to get to my method, so I am not getting into this, and I invite link suggestions for this)
    9. Format your Go (once again, information on how to do this is literally everywhere, is impossible to provide instructions for every possible computer configuration in a sentence or two, link suggestions are welcome)
    10. After completed format, disconnect Go
    11. Depress and release reset button again
    12. start Tomtom home.
    13. Reconnect Go, USB cable, and Computer
    14. Power on Go, if prompted to connected, select the option to connect to the computer.
    15. Tomtom Home will auto-check for updates, if you have multiple Go units, like myself, it may nag you for the account tied to the unit. For this instructional you can either log in, or if you just want to get on with things, click the lovely close button on the upper right of the nag for account window.
    16. Tomtom will say your device needs to be updated, and offer a navcore (tomtom system), just select the offered system, can't deselect it anyways, and install.
    17. when finished home will give you a summary screen, continue from that screen.
    18. Home will reboot your Go, Disconnect the USB cable, cancel the reboot waiting for device pop-up in home.
    19. exit out of home, terminate all running instances of Home from taskbar.
    20. Depress and release rest button on the go.
    21. Depress and hold the power button on the go for what seems like 30 seconds (not going to time this) just boot it into the black screen with the information.
    22. after reviewing the information, basically your making sure the device is posting correctly, depress and release the reset button.
    23. Power on your go
    24. let it power on and tell you that you have no map installed etc.
    25. Connect USB cable to go and computer
    26. Open My computer (or windows explorer) and navigate to the root of your device (once again, all over the forum and web on how to do this, and link suggestions welcome)
    27. find the file named ttgoo.bif
    28. Open WINDOWS NOTEPAD, select Open from the file drop down menu, and navigate to the root of the Go. Find the file type drop box and change the selection to any file type. Select the TTGO.bif you located previously
    29. scroll down until you find a field titled Supported Features, or simply named Features
    30. There may or may not be a field below name Unsupported Features.
    31. Here is where the magic happens

    You have the device powered on, Home is terminated and your device is connected to the computer. What You will be doing is injecting false support flags into ttgo.bif

    Select and delete the Features (or Supported Features) field and it's flags. Select and delete the Unsupported features field and it's flags.
    Inject (copy and paste) the lines below:


    In notepad, save the changes and close notepad.
    With the device still connected, (DO NOT DISCONNECT OR REBOOT YOUR DEVICE, THIS WILL CAUSE TTGO.BIF TO LOSE THE EDITS,) start tomtom Home and let it check for updates. Install the Tomtom system update.

    Repeat this process of manually injecting the changes to TTGO.bif before starting Home as many times as needed until Tomtom home stops offering system updates.

    If done correctly you will have The official Tomtom Truck Navcore installed by Tomtom via Tomtom home. this process will update your bootloader and navcore to the latest Truck Navcore.

    If you are having trouble with this process or think These instructions can be improved, please let me know.

    Safe driving!

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    TomTom Expert How to Officially install Truck Navcore on Go 720, 730, 920, 930 via Home
    How to Officially install Truck Navcore on Go 720, 730, 920, 930 via Home
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    You could just download/copy/paste/overwrite it from here
    Please Login or Register to see the links
    Please do not post "thanks" but use the "reputation" star(*) bottom/left or "like" bottom/left buttons
    S i m p l e s

    PS If you find any dead links on MY posts please pm me & I'll try to fix/reload

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    Default Very Valid Contribution, Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by biggerdave View Post
    You could just download/copy/paste/overwrite it from here
    Please Login or Register to see the links
    Yes, you could, and that is how many people do it.

    My problem was more personal. I wanted to have my unit to have all official programming, including my purchased maps, voices, etc. By having TomTom Home install and sign everything I did not need to use outside tools. This is intended towards an individual who wants to know how to have their unit remain completely factory while switching the navcore to the truck version.

    The problem with manually installing navcore is the fact that you have to do all the work. This method is simply showing an exploit that allows TomTom Home to do all the heavy lifting.

    I don't discourage manual installing of navcore versions. However, I can't stand the pages upon pages of people going on about how they installed the wrong version and bricked their unit, and this is more or less fool-proof.

    using this method I have not encountered any issues with RDSTMC functionality via USB RDSTMC charger or via Headphone jack like connector RDSTMC. The RDSTMC issue appears to be the problem many individuals are having when side loading the official navcore.

    I do wish my post did not have the Flags cut up by the server.... now people can not copy and paste the information.
    Last edited by swtnicol; 17th February 2015 at 03:58 PM. Reason: Omission RDSTMC



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