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    GPSPower Helper Convert gps TO Truck
    Convert gps TO Truck
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    Guide Convert gps TO Truck

    Convert gps TO Truck
    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRyI 5extHI9pylheQmMvlUPZhwJ20TiKrEvXiw1NXpz XBQSd6images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR Qg6a8QbCpz5b2AXAy6 pRr46CdjpXM1fVGn7tndcxj9PAn81Sw

    To put the truck and the truck NavCore TomTom maps in the main thing is that you have enough space for everything.
    The only map that there is Truck Truck Europe and this map exceeds 2Gb in size, specifically the current weighs 2524.5 mb uncompressed to this is added the NavCore, radar, pdi etc ...

    If your GPS does not have this space in the internal memory or card slot forget to put it, 4Gb recommended minimum space. You can not put it in the gps 2Gb of internal memory without card slot.
    Gps that can be used are:
    All old Go from x50 x00 even * (The Go 700 cspeech have to eliminate almost certain map files)
    The One with card slot and more bootloader 55000 to place greater 2Gb card
    The XL card slot and more bootloader 55000 to place greater 2Gb card

    The most recommended are the Go x20, x30, x40
    520, 720, 920
    530, 630 *, 730, 930
    540, 740, 940
    All the models can not buy them in physical stores because they are discontinued (perhaps some x50 is the exception).

    Remember that modern models can not touch them in any way to put maps on the forum of any kind:
    GO 8xx/1xxx/2xxx Series
    GO LIVE Camper & Caravan
    Via 130/135 etc... Series
    PRO 7100/7100 TRUCK
    PRO 7150/7150 TRUCK
    PRO 9100
    PRO 9150/9150 TRUCK
    Start 20/25/40/50/60 Series
    Blue & Me TomTom 2 LIVE
    Sony XNV
    TomTom Connect

    The first thing you see is where we will place the truck NavCore

    In the case of Go only those with internal memory and card) you can choose to set the NavCore in the internal memory or card.

    In the case of the One and XL with card slot necessarily put it on the card will be at least 4Gb. For that the bootloader must be greater than 55000, search the forum manuals about Index of tutorials click here

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    If your GPS is a card slot Go with internal memory and my advice is that if you use the gps as truck is always best to put the NavCore in internal memory. NavCore can take another card if you want, but not recommended, the end is a mess if you control.

    We installed the NavCore Truck

    Once you have decided where we will install the NavCore Truck leave the empty area, erasing all files there, for that we proceed as follows:

    We mark on the pc view hidden files
    Copy the content we're going to delete, to make a backup just in case ...
    We delete all files and folders.

    Now we can find an appropriate NavCore to our model:
    The truck NavCore Go for One XL and 00 are the same
    The NavCore truck to Go x10, x20 Go, Go Go x30 and x40 can be the same for these models.
    The truck x50 Go NavCore to be specific for these gps. From exit the NavCore Go x50 9.70x these no longer require specific NavCore because the kernel of NavCore and fits all Go

    In the forum you can also find NavCore truck in various threads in the area of NavCore.

    Navcores Truck 9701
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Navcores Truck 9702
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    The installation of NavCore truck depends on the type of file that you link to download:
    If this compressed in .rar then decompress the contents which have decided to put the NavCore.
    If it is a .exe (self-extracting) I will ask the address of where your gps or card to place the files.
    Once we have the NavCore in the gps or card we will start the gps to put "No maps found"
    Download the latest map Europe_Truck unzip the pc copy the map folder and paste it in the root of the card. Except models that we can put the map in the internal memory if the Go 9xx. In these cases we can place it wherever you want. The Go 910 only in the clear internal memory.

    Activate the map.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    The truck maps require extra than normal activation maps.
    For a normal map (eg Europe) always look for the file within map Europe-xxx (the x are numbers depending on the version of map) This file will have the extension .meta. So if our pc displays file extensions (not normal) The file is called Europe-xxx.meta

    As in the case of maps Truck Europe-xxx have two files with the extension and another one .meta .tmeta

    Knowing this is essential to have controlled the theme activation. In the forum you can find tutorials for activation of the truck maps included video tutorials Index click here. The activation process is always the same extent .dtc create files with the same name which carries the map so our activator will need to create two files activation and call:

    Note: Remember that xxx are numbers and depend on the version of the map and varies from version to version. So you see the tutorial can show the example with numbers 525 or 626 or others and if your pc does not show file extensions the name really in those files will be ...
    Files to find on the map:


    Activation files generated by the trigger:


    If your GPS is a Go and have put the NavCore in internal memory (recommended) and the map on the card, you must copy the file ttgo internal memory to the card, if not recognize the gps map, copies the file TTSYSTEM internal memory to the card.

    If your GPS is a One or XL remember that changing the NavCore should look at what kind of chip leads (see it on the black screen). If the type Global Locate (GL) have to change the folder ephem for your backup. If you do not have this clear search the forum how to get the black screen of your gps Index tutorials click here.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    If the chip is the type SirfIII leave the folder as it is.

    * The Go x50 with NavCore truck models work well but have difficulty turning off the gps having to press the button for 15 seconds to disconnect. One option is to go to battery saving menu and set it to turn off when you remove the current, because normally we take the power cord plugged in.

    * The 630 GB model even supports NavCore truck and it works, it is not a recommended model that is quite special and "weirdo" for changes NavCore etc ...

    Once your gps works put radars and configure.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    To activate the radar with Fasactivate here
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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