Mini USB lost
Taking advantage of the post mate and good response Talgoo teacher SMB compiled the latest in this thread to not get lost.

Miniusb ... Plugging the car charger has been released.

It is a TOM TOM One, which goes without card.

Has a solution?, You can solder in any way?, Somewhere that you can carry?

It's hard to know which is released unopened, once opened you find this.


You may have become loose welds that support the metal part of miniUSB.

Need a Torx screwdriver and a soldering iron not much power, about 20/25 W fine point.

And it depends on what you're handyman

These four legs (red circle) is holding the miniUSB connector to secure it in place.

Detail miniUSB port retaining plate (red circles)


Detail of the welds connecting (yellow dots)

Check and review the electrical connections miniUSB connector (yellow dots) to the board itself necessary.

As I see in the photos that you put me I soldered connectors miniUSB (yellow dots) to their corresponding connectors on the circuit board.

That job will be Chinese, because the pins are close together, I would too. A drop or just a trickle of tin out of place is safe crossing.

Let's see if I get a magnifier in a position, at least to distinguish all of the pins, the soldering iron and try.

If I see that I am not able to guess somewhere that fixed phones or consoles so I can weld.

Thanks housemates also learn all of this.