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    GPSPower Helper Customize your tt make your colors in your panels to your liking
    Customize your tt make your colors in your panels to your liking
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    Guide Customize your tt make your colors in your panels to your liking

    Customize your tt make your colors in your panels to your liking
    First of all thank Simba his job to find the file to tweak and jose-mm following suit gave the final key, and had the patience to teach me. Said which we see as we tweak the file and what you can do with on,

    as you can see the file we're going to tweak is the one framed it hayaremos off the map to open it need a file editor like notepad , do not put it in the post because it is very easy to obtain. opening file see something like this -----------------------
    as you can see we have marked the line corresponding to Spain , which is what we 're going to retouch retouch all but if we want .
    Configuration of custom colors can be done in two ways:
    1.- Using only the following basic colors : WHITE , BLACK , YELLOW, BLUE , GREEN, ORANGE, RED, GREY. They have to write in English .
    They go jogging through every box and chop down the color picture you want to put . The option Y / N helps the name of the city - destination appears in all caps
    This form can be used to set 8 different colors.
    Here I attach a gif where you will see each of the boxes and their function


    And below the second option would be the next ----------
    RGB color code red - green - blue, is based on the mix of these 3 colors to get the full range . Each color has a value between 0 and 255 , a total of 256, with a total of 256 x 256 x 256 = 16,777,216 different colors is achieved .
    This value is represented in hexadecimal , so the range is from 00 to FF for each of them. The code is given as: # RRGGBB being each 2-digit values ​​range from each of the 3 colors , which optenemos the final value representing each color.
    That said, we can see some examples :
    - Black : represents the absence of color, therefore its value is: # 000000
    - White : is the mixture of all colors : # FFFFFF
    - Red: whole tone is red , the other 2 being zero : # FF0000
    - Green: only the green appears, without courage the other 2 : # 00FF00
    - Blue: same reasoning , but just blue : # 0000FF
    Hex codes to create these enough if we only use firefox extension ColorZilla

    and as you can see what the code would have pointed to copy instead of blue red yellow etc, . thus each pnel can set the snapshot to your liking as seen up to 17 million different color combinations , plus we can play anything we want with the file to tweak , if we are wrong we will show the colors
    default and no influence at all on the operation of the gps must therefore nothing to fear. Use Firefox extension to create hexadecimal color.

    credits Genghis
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