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    GPSPower Helper How to downgrade bootloader
    How to downgrade bootloader
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    Guide How to downgrade bootloader

    How to downgrade bootloader
    Thanks mate TARZAN modify the method to downgrade the Bootloader ; exact words of the author of Bootloader 0.0000 :

    Here left a system rescue that has nothing to do with the system 00001, this when ud I try will tell system 00000 so all zeros , greatly simplifies the lower the boot , one is wrong must be 0 because when installed by example 55229 if that system tomtom saw what the manufacturer warranty repair damaged system will mark as 55230 (one more ) thereby lose all appliance guarantee however with the system 0 warranty is covered .
    You can also do the Bootloader 0.0001 but considering what has been said with assurance
    Thank AIDV / Jacleon which brought the system BootLoader or 0.0001

    This is a very simplified method , and without using the DSA application, for those not clarify the issue of how


    1 -NO VALE This system for 1.0xxx Bootloaders !

    So if your TT has a Bootloader 1.01xx ....DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE IT ! TE smash since the TOMTOM .

    2 -Have the battery fully charged TT your butt !

    3 - Although the process of updating the Bootloader is quite simple, if for any reason you do it properly, you can upload your TT in seconds .
    So I recommend very strongly that if something do not be very clear about this , I consult the forum before doing anything .

    4 - Make sure the USB connection to your PC TT is correct or, if you use an SD card TT , I recommend using the Card Reader to this process of updating the Bootloader .

    5 - To update the bootloader , you have to have one installed on your TT Navcore it run smoothly . I mean that can NOT be installed on a TT Bootloader with empty internal memory or SD, or do not have a smoothly functioning Navcore .

    Download Bootloader_0.0000

    Spoiler: Download
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    1 - Unpack and Install this system (0.0000) in the root of your TT and restart the TT.

    Then you'll get a little clock sand in your TT. That means you are updating the Bootloader.
    When the process is complete, check either the Black Screen or display information in your TT 0.0000 the system is installed correctly.

    2 - Once you have verified that the system 0.0000 is correctly installed on your TT, and can install your system you want.
    (It is very advisable to install a system that goes well with your TT and the Navcore you're using)
    - (When you have your new system running on your TT, you can delete the file system you have in the root of the TT, it will not do more than to take up space on your device)


    While upgrading the booloader, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING FOR THE TomTom, NI interrupt PROCESS until you exit the Navigation screen!
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