As some of you know I'm not a big fan of using Home and rarely visit the TT support websites.
But lately I noticed some changes...
Home updates are getting bigger every time for no good reason.
Still the 2.6 version works fine for all old models and most newer models as well.
So what's behind all the extra baggage?
I noticed that a lot more informations are transmitted now, have not gone too deep but guess most of it is related to the traffic and map share technology.
Of course added support for some in car systems and never devices but overall nothing important

For the maps we all know there are more variations out there than ever before, full featured, no featured, for Carminat or Android/Iphone....
As long as we get the coresponding meta codes all we need is to find the right map version...
It is not that easy anymore, especially for noobs and newbies.
Over the time I noticed for example that the map names are no longer corresponding to the ture size of a map - for example a 2GB EU map usually is bigger than 2GB and won't fit on a device with only 2GB internal memory, same story for some 1GB maps...
And there is the memory problem with bigger maps that only came to surface with recent maps.
It seems that some combinations of Navcore/device and map over 2GB in size can cause the TT to freeze or malfunction.
In most cases it turned out that the user had downloaded a full featured map, but not one for the genral PNS models like GO730 for example but for an in car system.
Similar problem can occur on PDA's/phones - although all charts state the map can be used only one with a different version number (last 4 digits) will work.
In the past you could at least check in the TT map shop what map version will fit your device but now TT only offers the first three digits for the map release but no longer the last four for the map features.
At the current stage there is no chart or other information available to link a map version to the supported devices/Navcores -maybe a project for someone out there??

TT states that all TT PNA's will be able to purchase suitable maps for years to come.
I don't want to jinx anything here, but the sad truth is that more and more old TT's go into the bin to be replaced with newer models and lifetime map updates.
Considering how other providers handled old devices we can still say TT is more than fair.
On the other hand supplying maps for old devices is a simple matter of demand - if there are no longer enough users buying maps for old devices TT has all rights to stop the support altogether.
A possible result could be a buy-back-offer similar to what Navman did a few times (more or less in secrecy) so get let's say 50% of the purchase price if trading in any old working TT for it.
So please, even though we all love to get all for free consider supporting TT by buying maps so TT will support us for many years to come

This is no thread for junk or complaints, so please feel free to add whatever you noticed that has changed compared to past years but try to stick a bit to facts.
A posting stating that Home was better in version XXXX without any detailed info is useless
If you have any good ideas for a new type of map chart that offers more informations (and ways to get all the needed infos) please post it so we can work on it.