A very common one and the same question: which map is best for my device? (What the best map Belarus \ Ukraine \ Romania ...) or something similar.
You will be surprised how easy it is, to determine their own, without straining the brain anybody simple question.


To begin determining what kind of area you need: All of Europe or its individual parts (or country)

1-If you have a soft 9022 and higher, just look at the table of compatible maps with the most functions.
This is yours. And you are limited only by the amount of internal memory of your device (or the size of SD cards)

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2-If your software is lower than 9022, also see compatibility list, but picking up a map compatible with your software.

3 If you do not know, in which map is your region (country), and a separate map does not exist:

Option 1

Find a table (regardless of the release of the country-in maps are virtually unchanged)

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-Include the brain and to think, in what area that you wanted the country (or, in some maps it may be)
-Connect the TomTom to a computer-run TomTom Home
-Click on the map icon = buy = (Do not worry, as long as you have not got the purse from his pocket)
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-Before you open a window with a list of maps
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-If the map is not required in the list of maps offered by TomTom (eg you have an account at Home from Europe, and you want a map of America) is simply
select in the window = recommended / all = name options = all =
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, Find a map, similar to what you need, click on the Read first = and = normally see everything:
Do you have the correct country, what percentage of coverage, the number of the desired map and its size.

If you fit all the parameters (except the coverage percentage, it will be the same in all the maps of this release), you find the latest map of the desired area.
If you are not satisfied with something (map size, the area of ​​its action), just repeat the same steps with the other proposals you maps.
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That's all. Map is found on their own, with little effort and without the children's questions on the forums.
You can only solve the problem, if you want to buy this map ... or ....:ad: