As the title suggests I'm trying to find a way of simulating the Truck NC within Home.
I personally see no real point in using Home other than to get map share and quickfix, but Home is also needed to set the device ode to protect your TT.
So maybe someone is interested...

What I did so far:
Managed to create a folder in the user directory of Home for the necessary .chk files and the DLL.
Managed Home to accept the modified files if a Truck NC is on the device.
Changing settings and all the other things is possible, but there are a few big draw backs:
As there are no simulation files available I had to cheat and used the data*.chk files from the 8.351 NC together with a modified DLL.
So basically Home get's a device with the Truck NC and thinks it is the 8.351.
For that reason no truck-related functions are available.

If there is interest I will upload the files for testing purposes.
What I would need to find is someone with good coding/programming skills who has a look at the DLL files used for the simulation in Home to find out how exactly they access the .chk files.
It is not possible to exchange the .chk files from one NC to the other as they are responsible for the menu and "look" of the device.
Only the data.chk and data_3d.chk seem to be of interest - no 100% sure what the 3D does but the data.chk contains all the menu items and how the menu works. I tested that by trial and error through replacing all .chk files one by one.
Goal woul be to creat new DLL for the 8.398 .chk files so that all device functions can be used in the simulation.
So if you think you are a good coder/programmer and you're up for a challenge please contact me!