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    Lightbulb Carminat Live (9.844) Infothread

    Since there are users out there that want more than the map area that came with the device, I started seeking ways of patching this new Navcore.
    The workaround that could be used for the old Carminat Navcore no longer works for the new Live model.
    Even if a patched PNDNavigator is used on the SD the device will still use a copy of it on the internal memory.
    The internal memory can not be accessed due to no connections and the fact that it is based on TT's own Linux system.

    Due to the input of some nice guys and a tester I can update all interested users with current state of this project:
    Patching of the PNDNavigator is possible - at least no tool gives an error back.
    Activating new maps is possible too.
    To get the infos and/or the ttgo.bif the easiest way is to make a backup with Home and to open the created ttgo.bif in the backup folder located in the users document folder.
    Ttgo.bif onto the SD, add the new map and activate with Fast- or AutoActivate.

    Patching as until now is not confirmed possible.
    There is a way to overwrite and update the internal memory but if that does not work with the current Navcore because the version numbers are the same, any user with a Carminat Live should not make the next Navcore/Application update offered by Home!!
    If it is possible to update the internal memory with next Navcore version the device must not be updated by Home with the official version!!!

    So if you get an update offered by Home don't install it and quit Home, after that inform us here that there is a new versin available.
    I will try to provide a patched installable Navcore for the next update by TT but it will only work if the device was not updated with the original offered by Home!!!

    The Bootloader as well as the Navcore kernel are protected by a 2048bt RSA key.
    For that reason it might not be possible to patch or install a patched NC - needs further testing!
    We have two kinds of maps supllied by TT:
    1. maps that come with the device or are ordered on a SD
    2. maps that come as an update or are purchased through Home
    They differ in the type of activation.
    You either find a DCT file or a MCT file in the map folder.
    If you have a MCT than it means the map can be used on any device if the original SD is used - no copy of the SD will work!
    If you have a DCT than it means the map only works on your device but you can copy the whole content of the SD on a different SD and it will work (in your device only!).

    What does that mean for the current project?
    Well, if you can not use a modified BL to load a modified Navcore it will be impossible to use self activated maps.
    Same for the Kernel protection: If the device checks this RSA key to see if the NC is genuine that a patched Navcore won't be installed but instead the internal Navcore is used to rebuild the SD.
    C y b e r - C r a c k (someone really needs to check the filters in this forum!) found a version info inside the NC and I created a patched version based on the 9.844 but with this version info changed to 9.845.
    You can find the file [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] password: downunder
    I don't expect it to work for the above reasons, but if anyone is willing to test it:
    Unpack the archive onto a blank SD add your original map folder from the backup and insert the SD into the Carminat.
    If all goes well the NC will be installed and show up as 9.845, if it does not work you only will see 9.844 - since it is not confirmed what this version actually does we need any tester who installed it to check:
    a) if the original map works as before
    b) if the map still works after you used a keygen for the activation (or a newer map that you activated).
    Please report in this thread if you could make any progress!

    Info for everyone interested in working with the Carminatfiles on a Windows PC:

    It took me a very long time to work out how a user with a plain Windows system can not just see the files inside the ttsystem.ib but also how to actually modify them.
    I really hope this info will help to get more users with some programming skills to work with it and maybe to help find us a working solution.
    Things you might need:
    Explore2fs to open and extract files from Linux partitions - you won't have write access!
    A good Hex Editor, since there is enough available and you should already have one if you are skilled I don't post links.
    Gizmo Central allows you to mount the ttsystem.ib as a virtual drive with write access! You nee to rename the file to ttsystem.ib.img in order to mount it.
    7Zip is able to read the .gz and .tar formats used on Linux and is able to actually write that format correctly unlike Winrar which can only open and extract. Only downside: if you don't have an actually ext3 drive working with Linux drivers for Win the edited file will have "fat" instead of "unix" as the filesource, but I neither know if that is a problem nor how to change it without Linux.
    Since I know basically nothing about Linux I collected the info one might need but could not find anywhere on the net except he is willing to work with Linux.
    Here's a very basic step by step on how to modify a file inside the ttsystem.ib:
    Do everything with backups and not with your originals!
    1. install the above programs
    2. rename the ttsystem.ib to ttsystem.ib.img
    3. mount that image using Gizmo as a new drive
    4. copy all files you need to a location of your choice - if you only want to edit just go further without the copying
    5. open the files you want to check with the (hex)editor of your choice - be aware that for textfiles you need a Unix capable editor like Notepad++.
    6. If you want to work with the .gz archives:
    Use 7zip to open the file
    Change the settings so that a suitable editor is used instead of Notepad - you might have to do that according to the file type you want to edit/modify.
    Don't unpack a file to your PC for the changes as I don't know if 7zip creates the right checksums if external sources are used to get the file back into the archive.
    If you change the settings so that your Hex editor is used you will be asked if the file inside the archive should be updated - confirm that.
    Close 7zip and the modified file will be stored on the virtual drive.
    7. After you are finnished with all modifications unmout the image in Gizmo and the ttsystem.ib.img will have the modified content!
    8. Rename the ttsystem.ib.img to ttsystem.ib and you are free to use it.

    Keep in mind that you need the complete content of the original Cab (or my modified version/the version with your changes) on the SD, otherwise nothing at all will happen for the installation.
    The above can be use for all installation files based on the new filesystem, but currently noone is working with a NC to my knowledge.
    Feel free to ask reasonable questions but please don't ask on where to find the programs or to patch the NC yourself!
    This is a guide only and if you don't know what these tools are used for and how to use them you are definately not suited to mess with the Navcore!
    It took me a long time to get all this toghether, so I expect from everyone trying to work with the new NC's to his homework first!
    And keep it in the thread, I'm not answering to PM's by unknown users with next to zero postings!

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    Carminat live deleted ttsystem.ib
    only sand clock



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