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    Default XL Battery Change

    XL Battery Change

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Step 1 Screen
    • Slip a small iPod opening tool underneath the screen, gently sliding it around the inside edge.
    • The gently use leverage to remove the screen trim. To do this it may be easier to start at the corners.


    Step 2
    • Remove the four Phillips #00 screws around the edge of the screen.

    Step 3
    • Using a small iPod opening tool, slide it under the top portion of the metal frame of your device and gently lift it up.
    • Then slide the tool around the inner edge of the device until the metal piece can be easily removed.
    • Take your time with this step - it may be difficult to remove the frame. Some force may be necessary but be careful not to bend the interior metal bracket of the frame, as it is very fragile.

    26537485 14917739 52884908

    Step 4
    • Very slowly lift up the screen away from the rest of the device, making sure that the orange strip connecting the screen to the logic board doesn't snap.

    86791690 68361325

    Step 5

    • Remove the three Phillips #00 screws connecting the logic board to the plastic housing:
      • Two of the screws are located at the bottom of the first picture.
      • The third screw is hidden under the orange strip, which is located under the screen. You may have to carefully lift the screen in order to get to it.

    92319859 49889560

    Step 6
    • Turn the screen over and follow the red, yellow and black wire to its source. Pull gently on the plastic casing connecting the battery wires to the logic board.
    • Do the same with the black and red wire that connects the speaker to the logic board.
    • Once disconnected, the logic board and screen may be removed from the housing.

    37677953 70291087 62879621

    Step 7
    • To completely remove the screen, you must first unlock the small white latch connecting the orange strip to the logic board.
    • To do this, use your thumbs to push down and unlatch the tabs.
    • Then pull the orange strip out of the white connector housing (it should slide out easily; however, you might need to first lift up on the orange strip as their may be an adhesive holding it down).

    27325910 78009689 52752578

    Step 8 Battery
    • Once the screen and logic board is completely removed from the housing, the battery is now accessible
    • Slip a small iPod opening tool or flat head screwdriver under the battery and slowly pry it out
    • It is held on with strong adhesive, so it may require some force but be careful as to not damage the housing
    • Once removed, slip in the new battery


    TomTom One XL Battery replacement
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    Fantastic. Very clear instruction. Just what I needed.


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    Clear instruction. Just pefect.




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