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    Default What’s the best Navcore for my device?

    What’s the best Navcore for my device?

    One of the most Frequently Asked Questions is “what’s the best navcore for my device?

    My own opinion based on over 5 years of TomTom hacking is:

    In EVERY case, the “best” navcore for your device is ALWAYS the latest official/current version released for your device which is available via TTHome for free and should be totally trouble-free.

    To get the latest official/current version via TTHome just remember that TTHome incrementally updates your navcore one version at a time. It does NOT automatically install the latest so keep “updating” till it says there are no updates.

    ONLY if you want to use a non-compatible map on your device or want to play with pretty pictures/layout/GUI etc should you ever consider using an SE or other “special” navcore.

    Remember; a newer (non-official) navcore doesn’t mean better!

    If, however, you MUST have a different navcore then the best way of finding a suitable one for your device is to read through some of the SE navcore threads to see what others like as there is no hard and fast rule on this.

    There is one BIG exception to the above.

    To use a Work/Truck map you MUST use a truck-specific navcore (currently v8.398) which is not necessarily a standard/official navcore for PND’s (although many x20 & x30 owners are being offered this via TTHome).

    Thanks to biggerdave

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    Question for you P33dro.

    If you update to the latest Navcore using TTHome...how do you activate the latest maps found on this site?

    The SE_navcore files found here include an autoactivate executable that registers maps found here. When you run the SE_navcore installer (found on this site) does it not replace the native navcore on the TT GPS device and also updates the Autoactivate file in it?

    Just trying to wrap my head around what I did yesterday.





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