Best navcore (universal response)

Guys! Even very tired the same questions ... what navcore better for Tomtom ... 1-2-3 -... 10
I will try to give a universal answer to all at once:

1-Best navcore for your device-official-one that offers you the Tomtom Home.
At the official version and you will work all the functions which are provided for your devices
If you want to use any map-just replace the file on ttsystem patched
(Or do it yourself using a tool to activate)

2-If you like adventure, try to use any new software and do not ask which is better
The truth no one will answer you the truth no one knows
Example: I have two identical 730- At one 9103 works fine on the second-brakes. Why?
It all depends on the particular device (and a little of your head and hands)

Thanks yuriyggg (This is best answer ever)