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    ☼ADMIN☼ TomTom Screen Capture - Screenshot
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    Default TomTom Screen Capture - Screenshot

    TomTom Screen Capture - Screenshot

    Want to know how to make a screenshot of something on your TomTom device? While there isn't an official way, TomTom let us in on a little secret this past summer:

    1) Connect your TomTom via USB.

    2) Create a folder in the root of the drive called 'screen'.

    3) Create a text file, with nothing in the file, and save it with the name 'capture'. Not capture.txt nor capture.doc.... just 'capture'.

    4) Place that file in the 'screen' folder.

    Now disconnect your TomTom and allow it to reboot. When you want to take a screen shot of something, click near the top left of the screen near the zoom button. If you frequently use the zoom button, you might not want to enable this.

    You will hear a "shutter click" and your screenshorts will be put into the 'screen' folder as BMP files.
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

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    Thanks ...

    That's a good one ...

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    I found a script for this that places a button in the menu for turning it On/OFF.
    My TT normally has 3 pages in the first part of the menu, this script creates a 4th page with the On/Off icon in it.

    The instructions are:-

    Download and uncompressing the file below, then place the 3 folders in the root of your TomTom, (with the "bin" folder just add the new files to the existing bin folder.

    The downside is, after keeping the Top Left Corner pressed for 2 seconds to take a screen capture, there will be a camera click sound and your TT will turn off.
    And when you turn OFF the Screen capture in the menu, the TT will re-boot.

    "It works" but TBH I don't like it as it also seems to make my TT slow at re-starting, and it's not as if I would need to take a screen shot when not as the computer and I would need it connected to the computer to use whatever screen capture pictures were taken anyway, so I will not be bothering with it any longer.
    But it might be something someone else might like to try.

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    Original instructions are:-
    When you choice ON or OFF button, script change it and reboot TomTom,
    pictures go folder named "Screen" bmp format (and when it is OFF then all files is in folder name "OFF_Screen")
    I just tested that with my TomTom ONE (SE navcore 9.101) and it works fine i do not sure other devices but you can test it

    Copy all root of device, Default setting is OFF
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    GPSPower Helper TomTom Screen Capture - Screenshot
    TomTom Screen Capture - Screenshot
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    Guide Tomtom screenshot Screenshot

    Tomtom screenshot Screenshot
    Screenshot Tomtom

    How can we make screenshots in GPS :

    1.Connect your TomTom via USB to PC .
    2.Create a folder in the root of the drive called " screen" .
    3.Creates an empty text file and save it with the name of " capture" . No capture.txt or capture.doc ... just ' capture' without any extension .
    4.Place the file in the "screen" folder.
    5.Restart your TomTom.
    6.Click on the top left of the screen next to the zoom button.
    7.You will hear a " shutter click " and your captures (screenshots ) will be in the folder " screen" as. Bmp . If you often use the zoom button , you may not want to use this application because the functions wrong .

    Also if you want to capture you have the coordinates ; you have to go to Browse Maps - > Options -> Advanced and choose coordinates so each time you have a snapshot or select a POI will put the coordinates below . This menu is not on all gps .

    If you have problems creating the file "capture " Why do not you see . Txt extension to remove it , you can make your pc display extensions .
    But you can also download this . Rar and unzip the contents to your gps .

    Spoiler: download
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    Spoiler: mirror
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