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    GPSPower Helper Extra POI Editor
    Extra POI Editor
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    new Extra POI Editor

    This is the original Extra POI editor for TurboCCC (beware of imitations!). It is a free program that lets you create, view, edit and convert GPX, CSV, MGLN, OV2, XLS and KML files to any other format PDI. It's an easy way to create or modify icons tourguides adding files, MP3 files or JPG. You can see the POI on the map. See the impressive list of features below.

    key Features

    Edit GPX files and preview what it will look as in the Nuvi 760
    Create / Add new POI with additional information for the "More" page
    Import / Export POI / from GPX , CSV , XLS, TomTom OV2 , Magellan and MGLN GoogleEarth KML files
    Create tour guides by adding MP3 and JPG
    Create points of interest using geocoded photos JPG
    Up to 24 column CSV file import ( w / multiple extraction complex field ) and export
    'More ' preview display
    Command Line Arguments
    'Image' preview display
    'Map' screen preview
    Grabber coordinates map markers
    Preview audio in the preview window and POI Edit window
    Advanced search features to highlight keywords
    Basic 4 - column and column Multiple CSV
    PDI sort by name and location
    Find duplicate POI ( Radio Remote )
    Help and contextual help separate download ( Congratulations to rufree4t to write !)
    Support for multiple links
    Sort by location , name, location , city, state , best route and category
    Open all IDPs in MapSource or GoogleEarth
    Batch Geocoding and reverse geocoding
    Automatic extraction state , zip code and phone
    4 Column custom output format CSV ( ULTRA COOL! )
    Viewing path and POI search capability near the specified path ( v4.80 +) .
    Save to file MGLN Magallanes ( v4.80 +)
    Save . GPI (beta v5.xx not completely finished but it works )

    GPS Model Support

    Extra_POI_Editor is compatible with all GPS brands such as Garmin , TomTom , Magellan, ...

    Working with POI files for models, but the layout preview is only 760 or 4.3 " wide model , but this does not in any way affect what you can do .


    How To

    0 - Use the M- Column_CSV_Field -> assign up to 24 option fields to import CSV files to open . The default is 4 courses.
    1 - You can import CSV files and save as GPX . Use File-> Open to open a file or File -> Add to merge a file with the current .
    2 - Use File-> Add to attach many files (GPX , CSV and JPG) while
    3 - Click on a point of interest to see it in the right window. Double-click to edit the POI .
    4 - To delete a point of interest , double-click on it and press the Delete button or right click on it.
    5 - To add a POI manually, click the purple "Add New Landmark " in the lower left.
    6 - To search for a specific point of interest , click the "Search by name" > File- button ( case insensitive) or Search .
    7 - Using File > Save to save all IPs in memory as a GPX file.

    Anything else , you can read / search the help file with F1 for contextual help. You can also put your mouse over some of the controls and get a tooltip . Edit : This section is quite small. There really has not changed since the original version a year ago . LOL! Please download the file very complete and easy to use help in the downloads section .

    current Version
    Spoiler: link
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    The last Extra_POI_Editor multilingual installer . Just download this and run it to install on your computer EPE .

    Last Help File
    Spoiler: link
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    A very good source of information on EPE . Download this file and extract the contents to the folder containing the files Extra_POI_Editor program. Context-sensitive help is available by pressing [F1 ] .

    Only the chief installer. Exe
    Spoiler: link
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    This is just the main installer " Extra_POI_Editor.exe " application file . This includes mostly because of legacy. If you want to install, reinstall or upgrade EPE really simply must download and run the installer above. ( If you try to run the exe . Unused installer can work , but again , no. Certain users to learn how to get these issues , but if you're not one of those then you will save some trouble and just use the installer . )

    Official website of the program
    ( this you have seen a copy and translation of the English officer )
    Spoiler: link
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    credits Orni
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