It's been a long time since I uploaded a fullbackup, so I decided to do it with the most current NC.

About the fullbackup:
As said it is the 9.405, which was meant for the TT Start.
I included the full ASR folder and the LoquendoTTS voice of Kate with my TTS modifications.
Tripmaster and Tomplayer are included for those that want a bit more.

It is a fullbackup, so both overwriting your existing installation as well as putting it on an empty device should work fine.
All you have to do is to add your map folder.
In case you have no current map, FastActivate is already included.

Additional notes:
There are some premium voices included, so you have to activate those, can be done in one go with the map.
Only the X20 to X50 emulations are included because the included features are most likely not working on 32mb models or the XL series.
If you don't want Tomplayer and/or Tripmaster you delete the corresponding folders, plus for Tomplayer the folders "video" and "audio".
To delete the menu entries deleted the corresponding files in the folder "sdkregistry".
Password: downunder

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