**Warning ALL Members**

If you are a ZERO POSTER you need to read the forum Global Rules.
Forum Global Rules

If you are a member and NEVER made a presentation, you need to meet rule #4

You need to meet Rule #4 for a start and bring you Status to Junior Member.
Go to here and start the process:

Note: your posts could be moderated ie hidden by system , only post once and a moderator will approve post.

If you are an "Inactive Member" on your next Login after making the post you should change to Junior Member.

If you are a Zero Poster "Registered Member" the conditions still apply you need to Post.

If you are a New Member and have been Bulk Activated then you still need to follow rule #4
Your Status is a 3 step method.
The stages of full Activation after a bulk Activation.
1: pic #1 "your current status."
2: pic #2 you are activated and can post.
3: pic #3 the system refreshes and you change to Junior Member or on your next post
IF YOU don't post in this Forum you are tagged as a LEECHER "this applies to ALL members" and will soon become an INACTIVE MEMBER.
Go here and post: https://www.gpspower.net/members-presentation.html
Member status
Now once your Status shows "Junior Member" you are only starting. You need to progress to "Member Status" to be an ACTIVE Member.
To start your GOOD posting read this:
Good posting rules to follow by everyone by Catymag

Once you reach Member Status this is what it looks like:
After becoming a Member status to keep your account ACTIVE you only need at least 2 posts per year.

Current Zero Posters Status:
Inactive members: 5236
Registered Memmbers: 4144
New & Verified Members: 30000 +
[COLOR="#FF0000"][B][SIZE=4]So now you have a week to start posting your presentation from 31 July - 3 August 2023.
Before the Zero post system Script kicks in to move zero posters to the Ban list.[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]

Script is active you have been Warned