Has anybody anywhere ever found a way to change the built-in POI icons? I check the Web for this every so often, with no results - part of the reason for my post is to say this, which might save someone from wasting time searching. I last looked about the middle of 2014.

My particular issue is that the icons are quite large, and on an opaque white background; they're very visible, but hide everything near them, particularly if there are a lot (e.g. with small scale). I'd like to try, for example, very small dots in distinctive colours on a transparent background for things like railway stations, very common in towns with metros.

Creating custom icons for custom POIs is easy enough, but the built-ins are different. I don't even know where to find them for sure; most likely in programs rather than POI files (or maps) as they don't change from region to region. I'm using a PDA, but expect that the POI patterns are likely to be similar across versions.