France safety camera decree

TomTom sent out an email pointing out the new illegality and advising how to deactivate the french speed camera notifications. They are however working on a new facility for France which will advise of 'danger zones'. I dare say that the letter of the law can be got around by - instead of pinpointing the exact camera site, you declare a 'danger zone' of - say 50 metres of where the camera happens to be sited. Crazy law and fairly difficult to enforce. Will the police now be trained in the settings and workings of all satnav systems to determine whether a camera location facility is active? Are the Via Michelin map / itineries now to be illegal too? Plus, the maximum fine is now €1500, as oposed to something like €135 for using a mobile phone.


You might also note (from another French site):

The Decree No 2012-3 of January 3, 2012 carrying various security measures of the road which sets up this prohibition will be applicable as of on January 5, 2012 but it does not specify the methods of application of this measurement.
Indeed, to date, police officers or gendarmes do not have the authorization to penetrate in your vehicle, nor to even consult your portable. Only the customs can be entitled to do it in certain cases.

Pretty toothless, is it not?
All this is resulting from the radar DETECTOR type of device. A GPS is NOT that, but even Coyote (FR) say their unit is 100% legal...