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    Default Is it possible to have the last Navcore on Tomtom Carminat ?

    Hello to all,

    I just spent two days trying everything I could to install the latest FR card on my Carminat tomtom and nothing to do, it does not work, so I ask for help from the community

    Here is my being: I have a Scénic of 2010 with a Tomtom Carminat, I already cracked and upgraded the card two years ago and I wanted to update it and I did not arrive despite several tutorials.

    Basically, here are my questions: I saw that concerning this model, the last update of Navcore by Tomtom is version 8.842 ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ] p289849).

    First question, can I install a newer Navcore on this GPS manually or the most recent version that works on this model is the 8.842? If it's possible, where can I find the latest version of Navcore and how to install it?

    If I have to stay at the version 8.842, my second concern is that the different versions of the map France (or Europe) 995.8510 that I found and which seems to be the latest version of the card compatible with this Navcore does not work or are in fact older versions, do you know where I can find it?

    I thank you 1000 times for your invaluable help.


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    TomTom Expert Is it possible to have the last Navcore on Tomtom Carminat ?
    Is it possible to have the last Navcore on Tomtom Carminat ?
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    To answer your last question first, we're not allowed to post map links on this form BUT they are here (plus everything else you need):-

    Please Login or Register to see the links
    Please do not post "thanks" but use the "reputation" star(*) bottom/left or "like" bottom/left buttons
    S i m p l e s

    PS If you find any dead links on MY posts please pm me & I'll try to fix/reload



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