Apart form the "full menu for Start models" there has been not much activity in terms of custom menus.
One reson might be that most of the older tomtom.mnu (the custom menu) files won't work with NC9 and only show a single menu page with options that noone needs.
After some research and many tests I came up with a menu that works on both V8 and V9 Navcores.
You can use about 18 menu screens for your needs and exchange the picture in the menu as well as the text under it.

Here is a combined look at what is currently available in the menu (some changes might be visible in the final version!):
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You might notice that even the old "screenturner" is available as well as working compass options (depending on the selected NC).
Were available (e.g. Truck or 9.004) vehicle profiles are available too.
There are more so called "TASKS" available in some NC's but I could not find all commands that one might need, especially the speed cam options.
But there is a way around that problem: Simply set up your cams before changing the menu

Why would I want or need a custom menu?
1. You always have the same menu, no matter what NC or emulation you use
2. You might want to have some icons on other pages
3. You might want a menu that only has things you use and need without all the things you never use
4. You want to have something different

What are the limitations?
As said before some things are not available.
You must use a proper editor and if you want to be save than save the tomtom.mnu with your mods as a UNIX sript (TT runs Linux). Don leave spaces at the end of a line or the end of the file!
With the current menu it will work on all NC's 8.x onwards but in some cases I was not able to use the custom icon files, only the custom text - further investigations pending.
Some icons might be grayed out or not available on your device/NC combination.
If you need cams you have to set them up in a normal menu as there is no way I know of to get them into a custom menu.

In the archive you'll find the tomtom.mnu a custom bitmap for the "Navigate to" button and some explanations in a text file.
Be aware that "what you see is what you get" - meaning it is only a template and you should adjust the menu to your personal needs.
Most things explain themself but if you are unsure which command is for what compare your TT screen with the tomtom.mnu file. It is even enough to use a SD and Home as Home will accept custom menus.
The section with the SDK taks is for any addition programs you might have installed - only if they use a .cap file in the folder SDKREGISTRY, for each program you need one SDK entry.
Unpack the archive to the folder SDKREGISTRY on your device/SD and start playing around with the menu!
Enjoy![Only registered and activated users can see links. ]