Apologies if this isn't the right place to post (I posted it originally in the keygen thread, not sure how/whether I should remove it from there?)

I'm having real difficulty understanding all the steps required to install and 'validate' an updated map on my fairly ancient TomTom One Europe. Here's what I've managed thus far:
1. I've successfully updated the bootloader in order that the unit can boot from >1Gb SDcards.
2. I cloned my original 1G SDCard to a new 4G SDcard, and checked that it all works ok.
3. Followed the link on here [I'd post the link but my count is too low!] and successfully (if painfully slowly!) downloaded v855 of Western and Central Europe. I then successfully extracted the files with WinRAR to a directory.
4. After some head-scratching I figured out how the meta string thingy works.
5. Downloaded TomTom keygen2009 from this thread (and successfully figured out how to register the msinet.ocx after more head-scratching and googling).
6. Used keygen2009 to successfully upload my decompressed map to the 4G SDcard, and used keygen2009 to successfully generate the appropriate meta on the SDcard (Note: the keygen2009 I downloaded from here *does* appear to contain a trojan, keep your defences up when using!

However, when I insert the 4G card into my TomTom, the only map I can see/select is the original Western Europe c.2006 version 660.1266.

I have tried removing the old directory, and editing the CurrentMap.dat file, and changing the names left, right and centre, but I still can't get the process to work. I feel I'm close tho!

Are there any bright sparks out there who can tell me what I'm doing wrong, or who can point me at an idiot's stepwise instruction sequence to achieve a map update.

Thank you kindly in advance,