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    Default Tomtom One 3rd edition (1GB)

    Good afternoon all,

    I found my old Tomtom One V3 the other day in a box and would like to use it as a backup for when I'm in the mountains and don't have cell reception.

    Obviously, since the device has been in a box for about 7 years, everything is outdated.
    I understand the One is not supported anymore by Tomtom and can't be updated the "regular" way.

    My questions;

    What's the latest bootloader that works on the One 3rd edition?
    What is the latest Navcore that works
    And what are the most recent (1GB) maps for the USA that I can find and that will work?

    Any links or suggestions where I can find required software would be greatly appreciated!

    Currently I have maps USA and Canada 845.2666 installed
    Navcore 8.562
    Boot 5.5138

    Thanks very much for any advice and/or tips!

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    1. Boot is OK - no actions needed
    2. NC is too old - upgrade via TTHome, then patch it (must get to 9.510 AFAIK)
    3. You'd better upgrade internal - soldering SD-adapter will do (expand it up to 32GB). Then use any map you want...

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    Tomtom One 3rd edition (1GB)
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    2. TTHome ain't going to do this for you now on this old End-of_Live device. You should grab a newer navcore from here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] although the choices can be misleading

    +4. we can't show latest TT maps here but there are plenty of alternative forums to get these (and how to instal them)
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    Tomtom One 3rd edition (1GB)Tomtom One 3rd edition (1GB)Tomtom One 3rd edition (1GB)Tomtom One 3rd edition (1GB)
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    With a patchable navcore, you can use the latest regional US map what is not over the 1GB limit of the unit. No full USA map will fit on the 1GB of the unit.
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