The August 11 put the chart with these data


The idea started with missing data for this map, there are several with the same numbering.


On 12 roadwarrior put the first post with maps of these numbers. The 14th ended the rise of all maps available so far.


On the 14th I communicated Schwan missing a column 6843 corresponding to the maps, which already knew chart and had stopped putting on purpose. This was communicated to him and biggerdave.

Today is August 19, and this is what is on the boards of other forums. They say they do not copy us ... (I delete some data as the source and author forum, erasures is circular so you can see they were just images)



19 Today I will complete the chart with the missing data and one that should be determined from the day 14.
Remember that truck still missing map has not gone along with some more like southern Europe, Chile, Hong Kong, etc ...