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OK, Phase 2.
1. Placed the sdhc card back into the card reader.
2. Downloaded maps 940-5965, unpacked them and copied the folder Europe_5965 to the root of the sdhc card.
3. Downloaded the speed cameras, unpacked them.
4. Copied the files Safety_Cam_FR_Premium.ov2, Safety_Cam_FR_PremiumOv2.ver Safety_Cam_UK_Premium.ov2 and Safety_Cam_UK_PremiumOv2.ver, to the map folder Europe_5965.
5. Downloaded the 'Latest-FastActivate' and unpacked it to the PC.
6. Ran the FastActivate.exe from the PC, it found the sdhc card, selected option 2, Patch Maps, Voices, Speedcams and Fuel Prices.
7. Completed OK.
8. Placed sdhc card back into TT and switched on.
9. Worked fine.

The instructions for the speed cameras didn't make any sense to me. I couldn't find any of the *.bat files it states should be altered.
I also noticed that the file, system, which I copied to the root of the sdhc card has disappeared. does the activation remove this? should I copy it again? or just leave well alone?

Had a problem with TT Home, won't let me use the device through Home and says the Maps cannot be used.
Hello system is the bootloader once it disappears gps load is normal
if the map is activated it must work perfectly.
As for the TT home you must patch the dll. With Fastactivate option 4
4. Patch TomTom HOME
As for the radar if you want to use the tomtom you can use the SCBD Europe TomTom
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