Ok, After spending most of this morning trying these different things out as detailed above I have found the following:
I think maybe the Navcore has a lot to do with it: I am using a TT One with 9.510 Navcore. This has been working just fine.
Now "Audiofilo68" I realized your term "deploy" meant "extract" which after doing created all the directories as you detailed out for me. However after trying all the different voices, on their own or two installed, I still got no sound what so ever. They didn't even show in the Voice Option under "preferences' so could not select them to try at all.
Reverted back to yours "Schwan1" and started to get some success. With this Navcore I can only get "Dave" and "Susan" to work (Susan's English is not good so not selected) Therefore all I have now is "Dave" who sounds good enough. Before with earlier navcores i was using Kate but she refuses to work with this (.510) Simon doesn't work either. Seems a mistake to have more than Two computer voices installed into Loquendo at any one time. More than that seems to turn them all off.
Interesting findings and I seem to remember someone else saying that in another post.
Thanks to you both again for the help. It takes up so much time trying all these things out. Maybe another navcore will react differently.