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    Default Bootloader TT-510

    Hello folks,
    I hope ypu will not punish me, but i have a simple question concerning my TT-510 device.
    My TT-510 is running with NV 8.320, has 64 MB Ram, GPS v1.20 and Bootloader 5.5122
    Somtimes i got feeling that, for example by driving into curves, the screenactualisation is a little bit slow what brings me to a "blindflight" for some seconds.
    This is a little bit annoying but not much.
    Now i was tried to got Information in this and also in other Boards. The amount of informations is quiet incredible and also not structured at is best. So it is a little bit hard
    to get the special-wanted informations.

    1. Is the Bootloder responsible or involved to the "performance" of a working TT unit ?
    2. Does it make any sense to upgrade the BL to a higher version ?
    ....( I was upgrade this Bootloader(5.5122) allready a couple of months ago from
    .....a lower version (original version of purchase) 4-GB SD-Cards are doing well now.
    3. If yes, wich BL is presently the "optimally" for my TT-510?
    4. Wich NV is presently the "optimally" for my TT-510?

    I have a bunch of question especially about the "switchfiles and emu ..txt" but i will try to get these information first by my self to avoid stressing
    the board-community

    One last Question: Is anybody here owns a TT-510 with all features working properly? (TTS, TMC and all that holy stuff)
    Is it possible to get a working full conditioned Navcore for my device not necessary to wear out my brain?

    As far as this i say thankyou in advance for your competent and kindly answers.
    I hope that i was not breaking the rules of the board to much.


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    Hi Linda,

    This has nothing to do with the bootloader, don't touch it unless you know what you're doing!
    A 64Mb device can run any NC.
    You may want to upgrade your NC to 9.051 or 9.151 which has proven to be a good NC for x10 devices.

    Hopefully that will solve your problem, but keep in mind that you need to have lot of satellite contacts to update your exacte possition.
    Somethimes this is not always the case and the update might not be within seconds.

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    Try Boot 5.5242 , Navcore 8.204.




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