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    Default No more 3D buildings/landmarks after last map update TT Android GO 1.17.1 build 2121 (v10.10)!

    Dear Friends!

    I would like to ask your support, as after the last map update all the 3D buldings and 3d landmarks are GONE!
    Did anyone experienced the same problem?

    I have reinstaled the app, I am able to download the maps from the server, but I can not get the 3D maps/buildings etc
    I would really appreciate if somebody could help

    Thank you in advance!
    Kind regards


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    i found this in tomtom website.

    Map Areas

    If your device supports maps with 3D buildings but it does not have enough space for the full 3D buildings map, MyDrive Connect will offer to install the same map but with 3D buildings only in a limited area of your choice. Note that you can only have one map area installed at a time.
    Map areas are available for the Europe map and the USA, Canada and Mexico map. You can also select to install the full Europe or USA Canada and Mexico map without 3D buildings.
    When you have enough space available on your device, you can always change the map area or install the full 3D buildings map. If your device has a memory card slot, you can insert a memory card so there is enough space to install the full 3D buildings map

    you may find your answer here



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