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I hope thread is not so old. Who will help me to solve same situation as premmod's? I always get error system software missing, even after converting gcd ti rgn and successful update in pre-boot.
I tried to patch firmware and bricked it. :P So, someone please help me to revive a poor device? :P
Here are all stock informations about device:

Model: Garmin Drive 61
Hardware ID: V4 M4v3 P8 8GB CB S06 A6 RT BT
Device ID: 39xxxxxxxx
Software version: 6.00

PartNumber>006-B2587-00</PartNumber> (took from original device xml file), so HWID is 2587

Thanks in advance
System Software Missing in it's most benign form simply means that the flash has been incomplete. In such a case the device defaults to preboot mode and re-flashing either the original firmware or properly-patched firmware as an RGN file via Updater.exe will restore it. Go to this thread and follow the guide if such re-flashing original firmware doesn't help: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. At it's most problematic the device may be 'hard-bricked' due to an incorrect software being flashed previously. Double check the HWID with [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] if preboot mode is available to it. Due to the similarity in names and closeness of HWID numbers there is a real risk of DriveSmart 61 (HWID 2588) and Drive 61 (HWID 2587) firmware being accidentally cross-flashed.
PS: IMPORTANT: You should edit your original post to remove or disguise your Device ID (UID).