GPSMaster.NET:versatile program to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks in your Garmin.

GPSMaster.NET can best be described as a mixture of Google Earth, World Wind, SeeYou, OziExplorer and Garmin Mapsource. GPSMaster.NET is a Windows application (for both x86 and x64) and can communicate (via serial or USB) with any Garmin GPS that implements the Garmin communication protocol.
GPSMaster is ideal for pilots, cyclists, hikers, sailors, basically anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. When you go to a place you haven't been before, visit the place in GPSMaster.NET first to get to know the area and create waypoints and routes of interesting places in advance and send them to your GPS.

Are you a pilot? Take your GPS with you on your flight and afterwards download the track from your flight (or just load the IGC file), and view your track in 3D! This is also a great feature for climbers/skiers! You can see all details about your track in a number of graphs displaying altitude, speed and rate of climb/sink.

Transfer of waypoints, routes and tracks between GPSMaster and your (Garmin) GPS (other brands of GPS's may me implemented in the near future) over serial port or USB
Creation of waypoints and routes
222 Map datums including user definable map datum
Latitude/Longitude, UTM, British National Grid, Irish Grid, Dutch Grid, Swiss Grid and user definable grid (others will be implemented in future releases)
Feet/Statute Miles/Nautical Miles/Meters/Kilometers/Knots/Feet per minute
Amazing 3D detail!
On-the-fly download of needed images and elevation data, stored on your harddisk for offline usage!
Import of airspaces in OpenAir format
Many different sets of images to choose from, all downloaded from free servers
Elevation dependent colour overlay
Real time moon and sun display
Use your own 3DS files in GPSMaster.NET (just copy them to the 3DSModels folder)
Easy zooming and moving using mouse wheel and (configurable) keys
Great Circle Navigation and Rhumbline Navigation
Editing of tracks (deleting points, changing color)
Graphs of track altitude/speed/vertical speed
Add pictures to your waypoint
Intuitive user interface
Creation of screenshots
Full control over visualization, almost everything is configurable
Drawing of gridlines for any grid
Support for many file formats
Supports every Garmin GPS (that implements the Garmin communication protocol)

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