BaseCamp software version Beta

You can download the new Beta at
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or, if you already have an earlier 4.2 Beta installed, you can update from within BaseCamp. There have been quite a few changes, so it should be worth checking out:

Added various improvements and fixes for Trip Planner
Added support for changing the location of BaseCamp's database
Added ability to create waypoints from Yelp find results. Note this only works if you are using a map with address search capability
Fixed an issue where roads from the base map were displaying along with roads from the detailed map
Fixed an issue where BaseCamp was not displaying properly localized map labels
Fixed an issue with inverting mixed-mode routes
Fixed an issue with certain file names for Adventures and Garmin Cloud
Fixed various find issues
Removed Utilities menu, moved Options to Edit menu, created main menu entries for Adventures and BirdsEye
Removed maps drop-down box from default toolbar, also removed sub-menu for maps, maps are now directly accessible from the Maps menu

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