MapInstall and MapManager for the Mac software version 4.0.2

as of October 23, 2012

Download (35.65 MB)
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Changes made from version 4.0.1 to 4.0.2:
◦Improved performance for map trimming and map building.
◦Fixed issue that made MapInstall appear to hang at startup.
◦Fixed progress feedback at the end of trimming (MapInstall should not remain at 100% for a long time without actually being at 100%).
◦Fixed an issue when hovering over map tiles would make MapInstall crash in some cases.
◦Fixed an issue when trying to select more than 4GB worth of tiles.
◦Fixed an issue with the display of maps when there was a partial map images installed on the device.
◦Fixed handling of faulty map products.
◦Fixed creation of md2 trimmed file.
◦Fixed an issue where clicking the Find Devices button several times would hang the app.