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    Default MapSelect': a nice program to select maps in your Garmin or storage card

    'MapSelect' is nice program that allows you to use multiple maps on your Garmin device or on your storage card.
    The number of valid maps is determined by your Garmin, so you can't use more maps simultaneously, but it allows you to easily select from a number of maps on your device or storage card.

    One problem with Garmin devices is that very few filenames are accepted as valid map names. Normally MapSource creates a map called 'gmapsupp.img'. Also unlocked maps are also mainly offered under the same name.
    A good example: on a Nüvi device with storage card of 4G, only one mapname is valid: 'gmapsupp.img'! Internally also the mapsnames gmapprom.img and gmapprom1.img are allowed.

    I wanted more maps available on my Garmin, but also an easy way to select them. So, I wrote a PC program that makes it easy to select from up to ten maps on a Garmin device and storage card.
    The trick now is to give your maps names that are a bit different such as gmapsupa.img, gmapsupb.img etc. Then the program 'MapSelect' allows you to rename them to maps that Garmin sees as valid.


    As a bonus, the program can edit the map name embedded in the file!

    The rar file contains the program plus a document with detailed description how to use it....


    Good luck to all and comments are highly appreciated!

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    ☼ADMIN☼ MapSelect': a nice program to select maps in your Garmin or storage card
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    This work with old devices ,actually with newer devices you can put anyname.img in a "Map" directory in sd
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

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    Disadvantage is that you need to run it on a PC, not on your Garmin Device..

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    GPSPower Helper MapSelect': a nice program to select maps in your Garmin or storage card
    MapSelect': a nice program to select maps in your Garmin or storage card
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    The purpose of the program is renaming the various maps to a valid name, but the new devices accept any name in the SD Card, since they were with the extension .img in the map directory; and the name and extension of the file can be changed by windows explorer.
    Otherwise, is useful to rename the embed name. It’s too difficult to make a new program with this aim?
    So, the actual version don`t work in my 64 bit windows 7 professional ultimate, it shows the message “Run-time error ‘5’: invalid procedure call or argument.” The same with the device connect or the micro SD card in the card reader.
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