Does anyone have a demo copy of this software (NaviTrack by GPS-Buddy) to test out. Basically what it says it can do is take your Garmin Nuvi and with this software download travel info speed, turns etc.

Once the GPS-Buddy Navitrack is installed, your Garmin navigation device will provide you with historical data. The Navitrack will provide accurate start and stop times, the route taken, distance traveled, speed reports, and mileage reports. This system is perfect for any business that needs to track the use of company vehicles, or for personal use. The GPS-Buddy Navitrack allows this data to be uploaded to the GPS-Buddy website so that you can access the information at any time, any place, and from any computer.

Product Features:
Allows you to track the data of the Garmin device and the vehicle that it is in
Tracks data such as location, speed, and the direction of the vehicle
After being connected to a computer, the information can be uploaded with the click of a mouse
Helps save on fuel by monitoring the use of vehicles
Ideal for watching teenage drivers
Provides detailed mileage reports for business or private purposes
Reports can be generated in html, xls, pdf, and csv
Helps you increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce costs
Compatible with the Garmin nüvi series 7xx, 8xx, 5xxx and on Garmin zümo series
1-year Sonic Electronix warranty