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    Default Changing Install Folder for MapSource & Map Data


    I'm hoping I'm doing everything alright, I had an extensive look around the forum with the search function but couldn't really find anything to my problem / question.

    I'm running Win7 x64 and had a little play around with different MapSource versions (e.g. 6.13.7, 6.15.4, 6.15.6 and 6.16.2) and installation methods (e.g. first TrainingCenter, then MapSource, just the main.msi, the .reg).

    But sometimes MapSources gets installed to C:\Garmin, sometimes to C:\Programs\Garmin and sometimes to D:\

    Also MapSource isn't the real problemm, it's more the maps itself, because they all get installed to somewhere on C:\

    Is there any way to change the Install Folder for Maps? Because I'm running out of space on C:\

    Kind regards


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    Quote Originally Posted by m4rvin View Post
    ... Is there any way to change the Install Folder for Maps? ...
    I'm no expert on this but I believe there are two ways that I'm aware of:

    [1] During the mapset installation, there is typically a screen that allows you to custom select the install location.

    [2] If you wish to change after installation, you could move the mapet folder and modify the registry to point to the new path location. Note of caution: I've never done this before, and any change to the registry could be detrimental if you don't know what you're doing, so be forewarned, do this at your own risk!

    Each of the installed mapsets will be listed in their own folders under:

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    Within each mapset folder, there are 7 key values that would have to be modified in order to change the path to the new location.


    Upon closer examination of the Win7 registry, different types of maps are installed differently and pointers are placed in different registry location.

    Two other possible locations are:

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