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    Default GeePeeEx Editor - Garmin POI Creation and Editing

    GeePeeEx Editor

    GPX Editor for Garmin Automotive Units

    by Phil Hornby

    SatNav0 SatNav2Nuvi

    GeePeeEx Editor is specifically designed to produce and edit GPX files destined for Garmin's Automotive Satnav (GPSr) systems. These files can be used as input to Garmin's POI Loader to produce enhanced Custom POI's (Points of Interest).

    •Direct, form-based data entry for ALL accessible fields within a Garmin GPX file - not just the subset that general-purpose programs provide access to. This includes the Phone-number fields, so that for units with Bluetooth support, you will be able to dial in exactly the same way as you do for POI's that are built-in to the map.
    •Applies fixes and workarounds for Garmin Streetpilots, Zümos and Nüvis, so that your .gpx files display the way you expect them to.
    •Produce detailed, informative, POI entries with images (and sound) - not just lists of locations. Up to 5000 characters (approx) can be displayed. These descriptions can include basic <html> markup for professional looking results.
    •Convert CSV files to GPX. Optionally and uniquely, GeePeeEx Editor will search for valid telephone numbers in CSV files(column 4 data) and will place these in the correct GPX field to allow auto-dialling!! Multi-column csv files are now supported, with pre-defined field mapping for Outlook and Outlook Express.
    •Use Google Earth™ to prepare your POI's and import straight into GeePeeEx Editor. Download and import existing POI collections. View your own POI's and their associated images in Google Earth™ with a single keypress.
    •Display individual POI's on an integral Google Map™. You can make manual adjustments using the map and update your POI entry at the click of a button.
    •Built-in "Geocoding" (with batch-mode), using Yahoo!® Web Services.
    •'Auto-enhancement Detection' eases the creation of complex POI's that utilise Images, Sound and Custom Icon.
    •'Preview' mode shows how your POI's will display on the selected device.
    •Merge multiple input files into one output file. Selectively write records to a new output file.
    •Re-format 3rd party GPX files so that Garmin's Mapsource and POI Loader programs are happy with them.
    •Automatically decodes and translates 'Route Point' entries into 'WayPoints.
    •Automatic 'relative-link' creation for ease of portability.

    more infos
    Please Login or Register to see the links
    Please Login or Register to see the links
    Please note-the free version of GeePeeEx Editor is limited to writing a maximum of FIVE Waypoints to the output file.
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

    Galaxy S5 Kitkat 4.4.2 / Nuvi1200->1250 / Nuvi3790T->34xx / Nuvi 2200 / Nuvi 66 / Oregon 600

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    Navigation software expert GeePeeEx Editor - Garmin POI Creation and Editing dvazg's Avatar
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    Looks like a great tool!
    Is there a a way to install "free" GeepeeEx without limit od 5 waypoints?

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    I would like to support dvazg in requesting a method to increase the 5 way points as the software is not of much value while restricted in that way. The features looks impressive.




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