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Thread: img2gps v.2.81

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    img2gps v.2.81

    Garmin IMG to GPS Uploader Front-End for SendMap
    IMG2GPS is a Windows GUI for the SendMap / Sendmap20 DOS application by gps_mapper.

    It will transfer any Map file (.img format) to your Garmin GPS.
    It will work for Garmin maps as well as home-made maps.

    img2gps thumb

    How to use:
    Click the button to 'Load Folder'. Navigate to a folder which contains the .IMG files and click OK (or double-click one of the files in that folder - this will memorize that folder for next time).

    A list of all the .img files in that folder will appear.

    Select the maps you wish to upload.

    Select the port to which your GPS is attached. (Sendmap20 auto-selects the COM/USB port)

    Click 'Upload to GPS'.

    (Use 'Folder/Card' to copy the maps to a memory card or external drive.)


    You can load a text file (with extension .txt or .i2g) or Mapsource file (.gdb) which contains a list of maps. (Click the 'Load' button near the bottom of the screen)

    You can also open a map file (.i2g, .txt or .gdb) by right-clicking the file in Windows Explorer and choose 'Open With', then select IMG2GPS to open the file.

    If any of the files in this list are invalid or non-existant, they will highlighted with a red X.

    You can save the list of selected maps (it will have the .i2g extension). (Click the 'Save' button next to the 'Load' button)

    The text file has the following format:
    Please Login or Register to see the links
    This will set the I/O Port to USB:

    Please Login or Register to see the links
    You can add an unlock code and/or MapSet name:
    (unlock:1 will tick the box. unlock:0 will untick the box)

    Please Login or Register to see the links
    This will add the MapSet name of 'test map':
    (mapset:1 will tick the box. mapset:0 will untick the box)

    Please Login or Register to see the links


    Possible issues:
    Runtime error 53:
    You must wait for the Sendmap20 DOS window to finish creating the file before choosing the output folder.

    Other reasons may be a problem with the shortcut to IMG2GPS.EXE or your PC is not converting long filenames to short (DOS 8.3) filenames correctly.
    Right-click on the Img2gps shortcut (on the desktop and in the 'Programs' list) and choose 'Properties'.
    It should show the installed folder in the 'Start In' field.

    If the shortcut is ok, try this:
    Use 'Debug Mode' (in File menu) to view the DOS command string that is sent to Sendmap20.exe
    It should convert the folder/filename to DOS 8.3 format (with no spaces).
    E.g. The following long pathname:
    E:\UK Garmin Maps\Map Folder\Region A.img
    should display as:

    Here is a small program to display Long filenames as Short filenames: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Try it on a file that has spaces in its folder or filename.
    If it does not convert the long pathname to a short pathname, then you have a problem with your Windows installation.
    Attached Files Attached Files
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

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