Hi Everyone,

I have a hello carbide hacked N95 8gb which installs programs no problem, my difficulty is that no Nokia maps installed (illusion) or otherwise will calculate a route.

The Nokia Maps pics up gps signal goes through the acceptance of voice (UK) but when asked to navigate it goes back to the original screen ie the location youve requested.

Has anyone else had this or knows of a fix for it. I gone from V2 to V3 Ovi and back again without any version calculating a route.

Could it be down to the licence manager 6.16 (0) ?? or conflicting software it just seems that that part of the program isn't installing or working ?

One other thought I had was that it seems that Nokia Maps is very fussy whats in each directory ie cities. as I put some files by mistake in that directory and maps wouldn't load till they were removed !!

Any help of files needed to be in the directories would be V welcome.