Track This Out TrackyPro v3.3 XScale WM2003 WM5 Incl Keymaker-COREPDA
With Tracky you know where you were,
where you are,
and how to get where you like to be.

Tracky is off-road navigation software. Use it for hiking, biking, skiing, driving, sailing, scuba diving, golf, city trips, or geo-caching.

If you’ve taken your car navigation system into the woods you probably realized that it becomes more of a paper weight than a navigation device. Without roads most can’t function. That’s why you may need off-road navigation software.
Tracky gives insight in your current situation by means of a large compass, a speed, altitude, slope and even a G-force meter. You can record the track you are walking and edit your favorite Points Of Interest (POIs). You can navigate along a track or to POIs assisted by spoken voice, while getting hints about your performance compared to the time you recorded the track. You can analyse the track you are traveling and/or travelled before. A stopwatch allows you to measure your instant performance. Many internet sites exists on which tracks can be up- and downloaded, so that you can share your favorite tracks with others. You can convert any location to the many supported Grids, Zones, and/or Datums for cartographic purposes.
Tracky supports online GoogleMaps so that you have full and free access to satellite, street, and hybrid maps, everywhere you go! Maps will be dynamically downloaded if your PocketPC has internet access. You can also cache these maps offline at home while still enjoying them when you are out. You can also import and calibrate maps of your own.
You can follow your buddies on your PDA and chat with them. You can also follow them on your PC, just check out TrackMe to see who is online right now!
Tracky supports address-to-address navigation. It is not as fancy as in TomTom or Garmin, but it works, while you can still enjoy the many features these systems lack! You have access to various online databases to search for nearby businesses, geo-caches, Wikipedia entries, photos, and weather stations.

Hi-lights Tracky 3.3 (22 Feb 2008)
  • download, record, share, and train tracks
  • GPX: import tracks/POIs directly in GoogleEarth
  • free online maps anywhere you go (GoogleMaps)
  • follow your buddies live and chat with them
  • address-to-address navigation (Google Directions)
  • search in various online databases for nearby businesses, geo-caches, Wikipedia entries, and more
New features:
-online look-up address-2-address routes
-Trip computer
-Searching online geocaches improved:
1.specific icons for each geocache
2.better readable POI details
-improved Accurator tool:
1.position shown
2.spread and precision visualized
3.position of target visualized
4.distance and relative speed to target
-angle to target shown in compass
-more intuitive follow modes
-GoogleMaps improved:
1.min/max zoom levels match GoogleMap resolution, so maps better readable
2.terrain type added
-better support of scroll wheel
-performance improvements
Bug fixes:
-improved GPS compatibility
-various small improvements

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