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    Smartphone MOD GPSTrackerSMS-Pro v2.0.3 [Paid]
    GPSTrackerSMS-Pro v2.0.3 [Paid]
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    Android GPSTrackerSMS-Pro v2.0.3 [Paid]

    GPSTrackerSMS-Pro v2.0.3 [Paid]
    Requirements: 5.0+
    Overview: Application created to use and configure the GPS locators Xexun brand and brand their best known clones. ZYInternational.
    Application created to use and configure the GPS locators Xexun brand and brand their best known clones. ZYInternational.

    You can also you set custom commands for all makes and models.

    With this application the following devices'll control with preprogrammed commands.

    -of Xexun: TK101, TK102, TK 102-2, TK-103-2, TK201, TK 201-2, TK202, TK203, TK 206 and XT008
    -of XYInternational Limited: TK102B, TK103 (old version), TK103 (new version), TK103A, TK103B, TK104, TK106, TK106A, TK106B, TK201, TK202, TK203, TK206 and TK008

    Compatible with:

    - Xexun 103-2 TK, TK 103 TK 102-2, TK 102 TK 101 TK 201-2, TK 201 TK 202 TK 203 TK 206, XT 008, XT 009, XT 107
    - SmarTrack KX300, KX301, KX302, KX402
    - ZY International 102B TK, TK 103, 103B TK, TK 104 TK 106, 106B TK, TK 008
    - Coban GPS 103-B, GPS 103-A, 102-B GPS, GPS 102 GPS 107 GPS 106-B, 106-A GPS, GPS 104
    - GPS Zclelec TK 203 TK 201 GPS
    - ELRO GPS1
    - Meitrack / Meiligao VT300, VT310, VT400, GT30i, GT60
    - Technaxx GPS Tracker 1
    - Timson TK 104 TK 103-2, 102-2 TK, TK 103 TK 102
    - Orange TK 103 TK 102
    - GPS Vision 102 V6 TK, TK 102 V3
    - Anywhere TK 108, 106 TK
    - PowerTrack TK105
    - Hashtag # TK 102

    Features of the application:

    -Multiple Devices
    -historical Messages sent
    -having Mapped the position of all devices
    -having Regard to map of your own position
    -having On map how google maps
    -having How google satellite maps
    -see Device coordinates
    -Alarm Sound with receiving messages (Configurable)
    -Ability To call the devices
    -Photography To identify each device
    -See Last coordinates
    -Open Position in Google Maps
    -Support Technician.

    If you have any problems with the application or want to work for another brand and device contact us

    What's New

    - Corregidos problemas con Android 8.0

    More info:
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    Credit Nocna Furia
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